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Online Trends

Published January 8th 2019

15 Amazing BTS Statistics and Facts

BTS are sweeping the globe with unprecedented influence for a K-pop group. Here are 15 incredible stats and facts about the world's hottest boy band.

BTS is the loveable K-pop group that the world can’t get enough of, especially online.

Being fans of data, the Brandwatch React team decided to compile some of our favorite pieces of numerical trivia about them. Some of it’s from our own research using social media data, and some of it’s interesting stuff we’ve found elsewhere.

Here are 15 amazing stats and facts about BTS:

15. All together, BTS are reportedly worth $45 million

Apparently they get most of their money from their four studio albums.



14. They donate a huge amount to charity

In 2018 they donated a huge $1 million to UNICEF’s #ENDViolence campaign.

13. Auditions for the group began in 2010

But BTS wasn’t fully formed until 2013.

That said, it’s only taken them five years to rise to global fame.

Their first album, Dark & Wild, was released in 2014.

12. BTS were involved in 4 of the top 20 viral brand moments of 2018

Their work with Coca Cola, their charity work, and their appearance on the Graham Norton Show all appeared in the list.

11. BTS’s youngest member is just 21 years old

Jungkook was born on 1 September 1997.

That’s a lot of fame for a young man to handle.

10. 78% of BTS Twitter followers are female

Looking at gender-categorized authors only, we used Brandwatch Audiences to see what the ratio of male and female followers was. We found that only 22% of BTS’ followers were male.

9. The group practice a lot

They spent 12-15 hours per day practicing for their debut performance.

8. BTS has an incredible fan base

BTS fans are known as ARMY and some of their fan accounts have generated more than a million followers.

Here are the fan accounts with the most impact – they’re almost as influential as BTS themselves on Twitter.

The 2 most influential BTS fan accounts on Twitter

Rank: Account handle: Follower count: Influencer score
1 👑 @BTS_ARMY 3.3m 89
2 @BTS_National 1.5m 86
3 @btsanalytics 1.2m 84
4 @btschartdata 328k 64
5 @btsvotingteam 360k 56
Influencer score calculated using Brandwatch Audiences, based on engagement (not just follower count)

Find out BTS’s Twitter influence score below.

7. BTS made up 22% of online conversation around Spotify Wrapped 2018

Crimson Hexagon reported: “Looking at the top artists that generated buzz in 2018, Korean boy band BTS tops the list with 22 percent share of voice, thanks to their robust fan army.”

6. The members are remarkably similar in height

There are just 6cm between the tallest and shortest members of the group, according to

5. The members live together

Their place looks pretty fancy, and is reportedly worth around $75 million.

According to the BBC, Jin does all the cooking.

4. 550,000 fans experienced their latest tour

The group visited 12 countries with their 2017 tour, including Brazil, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States.

3. @BTS_twt (the band’s official account) has an influencer score of 92

That makes them one of the most influential accounts on Twitter. They’ve got more than 17.7 million followers at the time of writing. They’ve got another account, too – @bts_bighit – with a score of 91 and 13.5 million followers.

You can read more about influential Twitter accounts and influencer scores right here.

2. BTS were the first K-pop group to speak at the United Nations

They used the opportunity to talk about self-love.

1. BTS is mentioned nearly 600,000 times a day on Twitter

This is based on 15 days worth of tweets mentioning BTS collected in December 2018, averaged.

Imagine dealing with those notifications.

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