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Published August 1st 2017

The Internet Reacts to Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

The Brandwatch React team monitors how the internet reacts to Game of Thrones season 7 episode 3, minute-by-minute. Beware: spoilers!

Episode three of Game of Thrones Season 7, The Queen’s Justice, is out and we have the data.

**SPOILER NOTES: There are two parts to this post. In the first, we won’t go into the details of what happened in the episode but we’ll tell you which characters were mentioned most and when spikes in mentions occur. In the second, we’ll tell you exactly what the top mentioned moments are. Big time spoilers. You’ve been warned.**

The Queen’s Justice: Top line stats

  • 29,460 mentions of the show between 9pm and 10:05pm ET – the lowest volume for an episode so far this season
  • The biggest spike occurred at 10:05pm, with around 850 mentions
  • 59% of gender-categorized authors were female, 41% male

You can check out our social data run-downs of all of the episodes so far this season here:

The non-specific highlights

It was the end of the episode that saw the largest spike in mentions, although there were significant moments throughout.

Compared to last week, this was a much bumpier episode in terms of mention spikes with five or six significant moments – something that wasn’t so evident in last week’s chart.

The top-mentioned character is…

Jon Snow!

Surprise surprise, the King of the North is the top-mentioned character for the second week running.

Enough treading on eggshells – here come the spoilers

We were interested to see that Olenna Tyrell wasn’t in the top five mentioned characters (she was just outside of it), given that she was at the heart of the biggest moment spike.

In order of the top five moments, here were the things that drove the most mentions during the episode. You might recognize the data from its appearance in Business Insider this week:

5. Who’s at the gate? (9.46pm – 600 mentions)

Everyone was keen to know who was at the gates of Winterfell to see Sansa Stark, who had taken charge in Jon Snow’s absence.

Would it be Arya? A mysterious guest? You’ll find out in a minute…

4. Jon and Davos arrive at Dragonstone (9.02pm 630 mentions)

In what felt like no time, Jon and Davos arrived at Dragonstone’s shore.

Jon was greeted by Tyrion Lannister, who he’d last met at The Wall.

3. Bran’s at the gate (9:48pm 630 mentions)

Since the family were torn apart many seasons ago, a reunion of the Stark kids has been on the wish lists of many viewers.

While Sansa was happy to see her brother, Bran was a little less emotional. In fact, he revealed quite plainly that he could see everything about everyone and it got a bit awkward.

2. Jon and Daenerys meet at last (9.21pm 640 mentions)

The much-awaited meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen took place at Dragonstone.

It was perhaps a little more hostile than many had hoped.

1. The sassy death of Olenna Tyrell (10:04pm 850 mentions)

After the Unsullied Army stormed Casterly Rock, they were confused to find a lack of Lannister soldiers.

Little did they know, the Lannister Army was attacking High Garden. Finding Olenna Tyrell at the end of the fight, Jaime Lannister poisons her. After voluntarily drinking it, Olenna reveals that she was the mastermind of King Joffrey’s famous purple-faced poison death.

Jaime, Joffrey’s secret father, storms out looking mighty pissed off.


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