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Published July 17th 2018

Tennis Sponsorship: Analyzing Suppliers For The Glitziest Tennis Event Of The Year

As one of the most prestigious events of the tennis calendar, Wimbledon is an occasion that can get your brand in front of millions of TV and online viewers. So how did this year's official suppliers do?

The glitzy tennis extravaganza is over and Brandwatch has the data on the top mentioned official suppliers.

Without further ado we’ll dive into what drove their success and the conversations behind the brands.

The top five suppliers

Using Brandwatch Analytics the Brandwatch React team searched for mentions of all of the official Wimbledon sponsors across social media.

This included variations of brand names as well as branded hashtags.

We measured the volume of those mentions between Monday 25 June – Sunday 15 July 2018 (UK time).

Pimm’s, HSBC, IBM, Ralph Lauren and Robinsons were the victorious suppliers.

But what drove that conversation?

For HSBC, it was their “Play of the Day” content.

HSBC’s involvement in the ticket resale scheme, which was given a boost by influencers like @DiaryoftheDad, also helped them gain traction on social.

Ralph Lauren conversation was driven by famous audience members wearing RL clothing, such as actor Tom Holland, and Meghan Markle who watched the tennis with Kate Middleton.

IBM had three key conversation drivers.

Firstly, their #FindTheAdvantage content.

Media coverage around their AI emotional analysis was another.

Finally, this awesome poster gave them a great boost in mentions.

Robinsons had a lot of success in gaining traction by using competitions. This tweet got them a solid 1.5k mentions.

Brandwatch was able to analyze emoji use around some of the top-mentioned sponsors within Wimbledon-related conversation. Here’s how to identify Pimm’s, IBM and Robinsons solely in emoji language.

As massive fans of the delightful drink, we dug a little deeper into Pimm’s mentions to see how the conversation was structured.

We found that of all the Pimm’s mentions (12,475 mentions), only 8% (1,012)  included the @PimmsGB Twitter or Instagram handle. The other 92% used Pimm’s, Pimms, #Pimms or #PimmsOClock.

If Pimm’s’ community managers aren’t monitoring the full range of Pimm’s related keywords they’re likely missing out on a lot of this content, and even more if you consider logo mentions.

Here’s a post from Jamie Oliver that doesn’t @ mention the brand. If he hadn’t included the word “Pimm’s” in the hashtag area the team might not have been aware of it at all.

In our most recent report we discuss the importance of logo detection for modern sponsors as Adidas faced off against Nike at the 2018 World Cup.

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