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Brandwatch Bulletin

February 1st 2022

#105: Personal Finance Interest Bounces Back

If you’ve been thinking about your finances recently, you’re not alone. Today we’re looking at Reddit and how people are using it for financial tips and tricks. Let’s get to...

January 26th 2022

#104: The Great Egg Debate

From scrambled to poached, eggs are incredible versatile. But what’s the most popular way to cook eggs? We try to find out using search and social data, and see how things differ from country...

January 20th 2022

#103: In Business We Trust?

Today we’re looking at Edelman’s latest trust survey data to see how we view businesses and CEOs. The results might come as a surprise. Let’s get to it.

January 12th 2022

#102: Pet Popularity Perseveres

Today’s bulletin is taking a look at our animal companions, and whether we’re bringing more or less of them into our households. We’ll also contribute some data to the ongoing cat...

January 7th 2022

#101: 2022’s Most Popular Resolutions

We hope you’re settling well into the New Year. Today we’re looking at how many people are making resolutions, what resolutions they’re setting, and how this compares to previous ...

December 15th 2021

#100: A Year in Review

We take a look at what social media data can tell us about 2021, what we achieved, and why it wasn’t all bad news. Let’s get to it.

December 10th 2021

#99: All Aboard or All at Home?

Using Apple’s data on mobility trends, we take a look at public transport use around the world, and how it’s been changing. Let’s get to it.

December 3rd 2021

#98: How a 2013 Browser Game Made Its Comeback

We’re heading out into the world from the comfort of our chairs with a look at the game GeoGuessr and its resurgent popularity. Let’s get to it.

November 19th 2021

#97: Inflation Spurs Crypto Interest

Today we’re looking at how inflation is rising in many countries around the world, what people are saying about it, and the options people are considering to protect their savings. Let’...

November 12th 2021

#96: COP26’s Biggest Names and Moments

In what could be one of the most important conferences of all time, COP26 concludes today. We decided to take a look at the conversation around the event to see who and what have made waves. Let...

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