Brandwatch Analytics can identify and deliver conversations in 44 languages, and we’re constantly adding more to our crawling capabilities.

We distinguish between ‘basic’ and ‘full’ support for languages, which determines what level of coverage and analysis we provide for each one. Some of our competitors claim to offer 100s of languages, but we feel this is misleading as in these instances the vast majority of the languages on offer will lack proper functionality.

Below is a definition of basic and full support, as well as a table showing all of the languages we cover. You can also choose to collect all global mentions regardless of language with our ‘ignore language’ option.


  • Full Twitter coverage
  • Extensive non-Twitter coverage including local sites
  • Fully optimized topic extraction and sentiment analysis
  • Our in-house Experts can provide services (Query writing, analysis, markup, etc.) in all of these languages


  • Full Twitter coverage
  • Non-Twitter coverage is possible but not guaranteed
  • No sentiment analysis
  • Limited topic analysis
  • Our in-house Experts can provide services (Query writing, analysis, markup, etc.) in some of these languages.
Language Support level
Arabic Basic*
Armenian Basic
Bengali Basic
Burmese Basic
Catalan Basic
Chinese – Simplified Full
Chinese – Traditional Full
Czech Basic*
Danish Basic*
Divehi Basic
Dutch Full
Dzongkha Basic
Egyptian Arabic Basic*
English Full
Farsi Basic*
Finnish Basic*
French Full
German Full
Greek Full
Gulf Arabic Basic*
Hebrew Basic
Hindi Basic
Indonesian Basic
Italian Full
Japanese Basic*
Khmer Basic
Korean Basic*
Lao Basic
Malay Basic
Norwegian Full
Polish Full
Portuguese – European Full
Portuguese – Brazilian Full
Romanian Full
Russian Full
Sinhala Basic
Spanish Full
Swedish Full
Tagalog Basic
Tamil Basic
Thai Basic
Turkish Full
Urdu Basic
Vietnamese Basic

* Our in-house Experts can also provide services in these basic support languages.

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