Brandwatch Analytics is a powerful platform, but we know that sometimes you might want to access your data outside of the platform, either to create your own reports or products, or to integrate it into other applications.

Brandwatch has a RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to access all of the data, metadata and metrics available within Brandwatch Analytics and integrate it into your other business applications or products. Our API is simple, quick and easy to use.

Use our API to bring the power of Brandwatch data to your business:

  • Create custom, automated reporting.
  • Build your own visualizations.
  • Export social data and posts for use internally.
  • Integrate with your internal or other business applications.
  • Build your own applications.

View the developer docs.


API access is available to all clients with an Enterprise subscription to our Brandwatch Analytics platform. A basic level of access is provided as standard.

Premium API

A more advanced API is available as an upgrade for Enterprise clients. The Premium API allows unlimited calls (subject to our fair usage policy).


Please contact us for more details about Brandwatch Analytics and to discuss your API needs.

If you’re already a Brandwatch customer, please speak to your account manager or the support team for more information about using the standard API or upgrading to the Premium API.