Looking Back: Instagram in Numbers [Infographic] Marketing

By Luca Della Dora on December 20th 2013

With just a bit more than three years since its launch, Instagram can now count on more than 150 million active users per month and 76 million per day.

These are some truly significant numbers, and they continue to grow.

Twitter, for example, has 288 million new users per month, but it took seven years to achieve that.
Instagram offers a huge opportunity for brands, both in terms of communication and interaction with people. Visual content is increasingly a key asset because it allows people to engage quickly and directly, gaining the attention of consumers.

Nike, for example, has nearly 3 million followers, but there are more than 20 million posts that mention the brand. This trend demonstrates that the brand’s value is created by spontaneous interactions and user-generated content.

To put these numbers in perspective, We Are Social decided to create an infographic, analysing how people have been using Instagram in the last three years

Here are a few of its key findings:

  • 69% of the registered users are active on a monthly basis, 34 of them use Instagram every day.
  • People have shared 16 billion posts (photos + videos) through Instagram.
  • Every day 55 million of posts are shared, 1.2 billion of Likes are given and 1000 comments are posted every second.
  • 83% of posts include an hashtag: the most used is #love (more than 372 million times).
  • The most mentioned brand is Nike (20 million hashtag): Nike is the more popular brand too (merging followers and interactions related to it).
  • 66% of people follow a brand on Instagram because they want to be rewarded, and 43% of users declare to follow a brand’s account because they love it.
  • Videos ensure 2x more interactions than photos.
  • 6% of total videos on Instagram are published by brands.
  • 257 minutes is the average time that people spend on Instagram (compared to 170 minutes on Twitter). 


Luca Della Dora


Luca is strategy director at We Are Social in Milan (Italy). He loves travelling and observing people's behavior in order to understand them better. Searching the meaning of caffeine-free coffee and alcohol-free beer.