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Published September 17th 2019

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Brandwatch Consumer Research That You Couldn’t Do Before

The launch of Brandwatch Consumer Research is upon us. What exciting things can be expected?

A year ago, Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon announced they were merging.

Now we’re launching Brandwatch Consumer Research, a platform that combines the best technology from Brandwatch Analytics and Crimson Hexagon ForSight.

You can read more about the launch of the platform here, but if you want to know what’s new then go no further.

Here are five very cool things that you can do with Consumer Research that you could never have done before.

1. Use either custom classifiers or custom rules to segment your data

Want to train an algorithm to recognize mentions that suggest intent to buy? It’s easy.

Want to apply custom segmentation rules around flavors across a whole project full of queries about ice cream brands? Not a problem.

Something new for ForSight customers will be the ability to build precise, custom rules that segment your data according to any combination of keywords and mention meta-data – and apply those rules across any and all of your queries. Create a rule and apply it to everything, rather than having to create the same filter over and over again.

Meanwhile, new for Brandwatch Analytics users will be the ability to use machine learning to train custom classifiers that can segment your data according to more abstract criteria that can’t easily be defined by rules.

Both are powerful tools, and both are now available to users of Brandwatch Consumer Research.

2. Unlimited exploration of 1.2 trillion posts, back to 2010

Want to see how people are reviewing your products online? Sure!

Want to dig into the verbatim of the conversation back in 2010? Go for it.

Brandwatch Consumer Research users can now instantly search our archive – the largest library of public consumer opinion on the planet. No painful backfill process needed, and you can drill down into the verbatim of all the mentions collected.

The Consumer Research platform brings in the full firehose from Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr, as well as data from Facebook and Instagram, and video, review, forum, blog, and news sites.

Meanwhile, the platform has its own data crawlers, so any of our users can now get in touch to request data sources that aren’t yet available on the platform. It takes just 72 hours to start tracking new sites.

It’s both quality and quantity for qualitative and quantitative researchers.

3. Get to insights super fast

Want an overview of what your new veganism query is collecting at the moment? It’s a click away.

Want to create alerts for key stakeholders when there’s a spike in brand mentions on a particular site? It’s simple.

Our new platform incorporates a range of tools that can surface insights quickly.

  • Iris, our AI assistant, surfaces the conversation drivers within mention spikes without analysts having to manually investigate
  • Signals inform users and stakeholders of interesting changes in data as they happen, even if no one is logged in
  • Consumer Research’s home page will offer up insights on queries that users have set up, so they can check out trending data immediately on logging into the platform
  • Explore Mode will enable users to click on any of their queries and dive right into their data to view a variety of visualizations and analyses, simplifying the process of insight discovery

4. Incredible image analysis

Want to search for images of people drinking beers on the beach? Fine.

Want to then chart how the most popular beach beer brands change over time, by region? You have the power.

Our proprietary image analysis engine, powered by neural networks and deep learning, identifies logos, objects, actions, and scenes in the images consumers are sharing online. With this technology, you can now define your queries based on the content of the images, or identify visual trends within your query.

5. New ways to discover influencers

Want to instantly find the top 100 authors with 1,000 – 20,000 followers who mentioned my brand most the last 2 years? Done.

Want to sort them by the average reach they got? Be our guest.

Brandwatch Consumer Research augments social posts with engagement metrics, including our in-house Reach score, which was developed to quantify the impact of every post, across all platforms.

Run a historical query and sort by engagement to find the authors that drive the topics you care about.

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