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Published August 10th 2023

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Brandwatch Consumer Research That You Couldn’t Do Before

We’ve recently launched several new features in Brandwatch Consumer Research. Here is how you can get the most out of the Brandwatch platform today.

Our newly launched features in Brandwatch Consumer Research can help you get valuable insights from social data even faster, making your findings hyper-relevant and actionable.

Here are five very cool things that you can now do with Consumer Research that you couldn’t do before. Spoiler alert: There’ll be plenty said on AI.

1. Get from data to insights faster with Iris Conversation Insights

Do you want to become more proactive in obtaining the information your organization needs for strategic decisions? It’s easily done with the new Iris Conversations Insights feature. 

The days of manually scanning through and making sense of large volumes of mentions are over. In its place comes Brandwatch’s AI-powered assistant, Iris. Iris will summarize and group the most impactful mentions into easily digestible themes.

With just a few sentences, such data summaries provide a clear overview of a topic or theme and answer questions such as what’s triggering spikes in brand-related conversations and what’s causing growing trends. 

AI-powered summaries are concise and can be shared across the organization without making any edits.

Here’s an example of an AI-powered summary of insights.

The first slide demonstrates a summary of insights put together by Iris, highlighting the top five most popular themes in a given conversation. (In our case, we analyzed recommendation-based discussions in r/SkincareAddiction that also mentioned moisturizers.) 

Brandwatch image
Brandwatch image

Speedy and accurate insights summaries can be an effective tool in helping your stakeholders understand new and evolving trends and build that information into their strategy. 

2. Use AI Search to research complex terms

Do you ever wonder how to research keywords that could be both generic and branded?

Brandwatch’s AI Search can quickly surface accurate insights on the terms like ChapStick (the brand) or “chapstick” in reference to all types of lip balms. 

Brandwatch’s AI Search can find relevant mentions of what you are looking for using a language prediction model, specifically, GPT. As long as the search term has a Wikipedia page, Brandwatch’s AI Search can use the content of that page to understand the context in which your keyword is usually talked about. 

This makes searching in Consumer Research fast and easy without having to write long and complex queries.

For instance, the word “apple” can mean many different things: It could be the brand, the fruit, or the record label. 

By looking at the words surrounding your search term in a social post, GPT determines which “apple” people are talking about.

3. Spot more noteworthy trends with AI Topics faster

Brandwatch’s AI Search has also made it easier and smarter to spot smaller trends in social data. 

The Topic Cloud component in Consumer Research is often one of the first places where marketing and insights professionals start exploring. You can ask the same AI to look through your data and surface even the most nuanced trending themes in conversations by selecting AI keywords as a filter. 

What do we mean by AI keywords? 

AI will analyze your data and display the most frequently discussed topics in conversations you’ve collected. It’ll also remove irrelevant keywords that fail to provide context about the general topics in conversations – words like “good,” “people,” and “time.”

This gives you a fast and easy way to see the main themes in conversations related to your search term. 

The example below compares two topic clouds; one is filtered for regular keywords and phrases, while the other uses AI-powered keywords.

Compared to looking at common keywords, the AI-driven topic cloud offers a deeper and more insightful overview, revealing many more specific topics in conversation you wouldn’t have known to look for. 

In our example, the AI-powered topic cloud displays smaller discussions, including “401(k),” “interest rate,” “tax-free savings account,” “vehicle insurance,” “down payment,” and “student loans in the United States.”

By using AI Search in the Word Cloud, you can better understand the trending topics your audience discusses. And that knowledge can help you generate new ideas about how to engage with your audience.

4. Find generational insights on Reddit with Reddit Social Panels

With close to 1.7 billion monthly visits, Reddit is one of the most visited websites online.

Reddit also has more than 140k active communities, where redditors discuss various niche topics and interests in depth. Many of those topic-specific communities influence people’s purchase decisions. And brands should stay on top of those discussions.

Pulling insights from Reddit has become easier with Brandwatch’s new Reddit Social Panels.

Imagine you are Netflix looking to understand how different generations discuss your brand on Reddit. 

In Brandwatch Consumer Research, you can write a query that looks into your brand keywords. Now simply apply Reddit Social Panels broken down by generation – and voila – your demographic audience analysis on Reddit is ready.

And you could do this for things like popular Netflix shows, the most talked-about topics among each generation, and discover new insights about key audience groups by cross-referencing their interests.

In this example, we see that within this timeframe Gen Y (millennials) were the most vocal when discussing topics relating to Netflix on Reddit, followed by Gen Z, Gen X, and then baby boomers.

Understanding what your brand share of voice looks like on various platforms, broken down by generation, can help your brand craft more effective messages and drive better results. 

5. New ways to measure the success with Total Reddit Score 

How popular is a given topic on Reddit among your audience? 

The visibility of posts on Reddit depends on the number of upvotes and downvotes they receive. Use the Total Reddit Score metric in Consumer Research to measure the net votes (upvotes - downvotes) across posts and comments to determine the popularity of your search term. 

How does this work?

We explored the Reddit conversation around the release season 4 of Netflix’s hit show You. 

We filtered the data by Total Reddit Score and broke down the results by generation.

Looking at the Gen Y conversation, the show received its highest score of well over 20,000 on its release date of March 9 2023. Meaning that the total of upvotes minus the downvotes is over 20,000 upvotes, still. The chart also shows that redditors actively engaged in episode-specific discussions in the first few days post-release. 

Marketers can use the Total Reddit Score metric to measure the success of their new campaigns to evaluate and make adjustments to their initiatives on the go.

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