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Published July 5th 2023

Boost your social strategy with Brandwatch’s AI and ChatGPT

Supercharge your strategy and marketing with the powerful integration of ChatGPT into the Brandwatch suite.

Most of you have heard of ChatGPT, and some of you will have used the tool to assist you with writing marketing copy and basic research. 

What if we told you that with Brandwatch’s AI, Iris, you can completely transform your social media skill set and strategy? Iris will improve your copywriting skills, surface actionable insights and competitive intelligence from social data, and save you lots of time along the way.

In this blog, we’ll explore four new ChatGPT-powered advancements to Iris that help you automate repetitive tasks in social data analysis and content creation and unlock hours of extra time for deeper analysis and smarter, more creative social media strategies.

The four new features are:

  1. Iris Conversation Insights (in Brandwatch Consumer Research)
  2. Iris Writing Assistant (in Brandwatch Publish, Advertise, and Engage)
  3. Iris Content Insights (in Brandwatch Benchmark)
  4. Iris Post Analysis (in Brandwatch Measure)

Let’s go over each feature and how to use them.

1. Identify trends faster with Iris Conversation Insights

Speed to insights is the key to success in a rapidly changing marketplace. And quickly summarizing data is important for sharing with others, especially when your stakeholders are looking for timely insights to understand new and evolving trends. 

Using insights from real-time social data and unprompted consumer opinions can significantly improve decision-making at an organization.

You can go from data to insights faster than ever by using Iris Conversation Insights in Brandwatch Consumer Research

Here’s how it works.

Imagine you are a cosmetics brand looking to understand what consumers are talking about right now. You want to know what characteristics or ingredients they value, what products they recommend, and which ones they won’t be buying again.

We analyzed consumer recommendations shared in r/SkincareAddiction. After setting up a search query, you can visualize the conversation using a word cloud.

The size of keywords is based on the volume of conversation: The bigger the words, the more people are talking about it. 

From here, you explore subtopics like acne, moisturizers, or cleansers further.

But if you want a quick understanding of what consumers are discussing online, you can turn to Iris Conversation Insights. This new feature lets you click on any data point or topic within your Brandwatch dashboard, and the AI will provide easily digestible insights into the underlying causes and themes behind the data. It's never been easier to delve into the analytics and gain a comprehensive understanding.

We clicked on “moisturizer,” and Iris presented us with the top five most popular themes in recommendation-based discussions in r/SkincareAddiction that also mentioned moisturizers. 

The Iris Conversation Insights feature samples the most impactful mentions and creates data summaries that provide a clear overview of a topic in a matter of seconds.

Brands can use this feature to quickly gain an understanding of things like spikes in sentiment, brand-related conversations, news stories, and growing trends. Use Iris to create a summary of the themes and topics in those conversations, and share it directly with the wider team without having to rewrite or edit the insights.

2. Write catchy, engaging copy faster with Iris Writing Assistant

Our Iris Writing Assistant makes your social copy better and your writing faster with the added bonus of not having to switch from one tool to another. Whether your social media team is drafting a social post, an ad, or a reply to a customer’s message, they can do so seamlessly within the same workspace.

We’ve built the AI-assisted feature directly in Brandwatch Publish, Advertise, and Engage, where brands manage their social content and engagement. 

In Publish, your social media team can select the appropriate option to:

  • Fix spelling and grammar
  • Improve and rewrite copy
  • Create more versions to choose from
  • Make your copy shorter or longer
  • Generate synonym suggestions
  • Get emoji suggestions 

Publish users can ask Iris Writing Assistant to generate copy for posts from scratch just by giving it some context on the post you want to write. Also, if you’d like to give Iris more detailed guidelines, you can define the tone of voice by choosing the brand personality and the post’s intent.

In Advertise, our Iris Writing Assistant can help your social media team craft short and snappy ad copy. Also, as an advertiser you are probably creating several ads for different audiences, social networks and campaigns. You might also be A/B testing different copy for your ads. Iris will help you save a great deal of time by suggesting different versions for your content so that you can focus your resources on being strategic and creative.

In Engage, the Iris Writing Assistant can help social media and community managers maximize customer engagement and boost response speed.

By addressing customer inquiries in a timely manner and providing customers with helpful information, brands can ensure customer satisfaction and minimize online complaints.

The Iris Writing Assistant in Engage empowers social media and customer support teams to streamline communications. They can create professional, on-brand response templates and long-form personalized messages to strengthen relationships with their customers.

The Iris Writing Assistant can tweak your copy and produce different variations of the same message, thus saving your team time and resources while relieving them of repetitive tasks. 

How does the feature work? First, draft a basic reply to your customers’ message, then use Iris to rephrase the text, ensure optimal length, check the spelling and grammar, and make variations with emoji and synonym suggestions. 

Now your social media and community management teams can deliver best-in-class engagement by automating repetitive tasks while also improving the quality of responses and nurturing meaningful connections.

3. Get competitive intel in seconds with Iris Content Insights

To build a winning social strategy, brands need to pay close attention to their own channels and audience engagement and those of their competitors. What have your competitors been posting on social media?

Brands can use Benchmark to quickly gain competitive insights by comparing their performance against their competitors. And the new Iris Content Insights feature for Benchmark makes this a whole lot easier.

Powered by ChatGPT, Iris Content Insights can provide you with quick summaries of the content your competitors have been sharing with their audience. 

Here’s an example of what it looks like in practice for these three brands.

These AI-generated summaries can help marketers identify competitors that are performing well in a given period, and determine what contributed to their success. 

Moreover, Iris summaries are packed with valuable insights that can be explored and acted upon by many different teams across the organization:

  • For marketers and social media managers, AI summaries can serve as a source of inspiration for future campaigns and content.
  • For product teams, Iris makes it much easier to discover what the competition has been up to in the area of product and strategy, including the latest news, product developments, partnerships, events, etc.
  • Lastly, AI summaries are easily readable and can be copy-pasted into an internal or external client presentation.  

Which themes and topics have contributed to your competitors’ success?

In the content analysis dashboard, social media marketers can search for different keywords to explore whether their competitors are posting about it. 

For example, we looked at three sporting goods brands and searched for “training” in the search bar of the dashboard. In the given period, two of the three brands posted about training, with Nike dominating the conversation on Instagram. 

For richer insights, marketers can add more brands to get a comprehensive view of the competitors’ content strategies and identify the underlying reasons for their success. 

One of the biggest benefits is that Iris Content Insights saves marketers and social media managers time. Instead of scrolling through competitors’ social posts one by one, marketers can use Iris to summarize hundreds of posts in seconds and easily incorporate these insights into their reporting and strategy. 

4. Get deeper post insights with Iris Post Analysis

How well do your social media posts perform? And to be more precise: How well do your messages resonate with your intended audience?

In Brandwatch Measure, brand social media managers can now take their social media analysis further and get deeper insights on individual posts using Iris Post Analysis

What can Iris Post Analysis tell brands about their social media posts?

Powered by ChatGPT, Iris Post Analysis generates in-depth insights about the brand’s best-performing posts. The Iris Post Analysis dashboard is divided into two parts; post analysis and comment analysis. Using this feature, brands can dig deeper into:

  • Top topics and themes in comments
  • Comment and post sentiment
  • How hashtags are used in comments
  • Tone of voice in comments and posts
  • Structure and style of writing

Iris Post Analysis lets you understand your audience’s response to your posts – if they resonated or not. Based on this analysis, you can adjust your strategy and enhance the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

This feature becomes increasingly valuable for brands with a large following. Think about brands that receive 500+ comments under their posts. In that case, Iris Post Analysis will sample all comments and produce accurate insights based on the sample.

If your brand post’s intended sentiment is neutral or positive, but the general sentiment in comments shows otherwise, your social media team can quickly view those negative comments to understand the context. 

On top of that, your social media managers can identify the top conversations around the brand and brand posts that can inspire your next campaign. 

Final thoughts

The ability to generate valuable insights and act upon them swiftly is crucial to outpacing your competitors.

Whether it's social media copywriting, ad creation, or gathering competitive intelligence, Iris can enable your team to save time, achieve faster results, optimize social strategy, and drive company-wide growth.

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