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Chelsea works as Events and Marketing Operations here at Brandwatch. She loves cats and extremely sour sweets.


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Chelsea Varney


Chelsea works as Events and Marketing Operations here at Brandwatch. She loves cats and extremely sour sweets.


Five Reasons Why You Need to Be at Now You Know Europe

This October, hundreds of Brandwatch users, partners and friends will come to London for our annual Now You Know™ Conference. It’s going to be one of the biggest social intelligence gatherings of 2017. I’m here to make sure you don’t miss out. You may be thinking, “not another tech conference”, and you might be right – our […] Read more

Understanding the Value of Real-time Market Research

Market research has become the bedrock of organizations. It gives marketers valuable insights into their industry, products, competitors and customers. The results from market research are then used to inform business decisions, fine-tune strategy and help to focus resources. However, these insights are often retrospective and not conjunctive to proactive research methods. Real-time market research can […] Read more

What Can Social Data Tell Us About Buying A House?

This year I have been working on the most expensive and exasperating project of my life, buying a house. To be fair, I was warned about how stressful it could be, but I approached it with the attitude of, “surely it can’t be that bad?” I was wrong. Hours of forum surfing, constant worrying and many […] Read more

Evolving Your Events Strategy With Your Business Growth

Since joining Brandwatch in the Spring of 2013 as the Events Coordinator for EMEA,  I’ve seen a lot of changes take place. The social intelligence industry has evolved rapidly, and alongside that so has our business strategy. These changes impact every part of the organization, including my area of events marketing. We started with a very simple events […] Read more

Marketing By Chelsea Varney on May 25th 2017

Social Insights Over Coffee & Ping-Pong: The Brandwatch Breakfast Highlights

Social insights, coffee, and ping-pong – doesn’t that sound like the perfect morning? We thought so, so that’s why we decided to host a Brandwatch Breakfast at Bounce, Farringdon. The event focused on ‘speed to insights’ and, along with industry experts, we discussed how quick data collection is about more than just saving time. It’s also […] Read more

Marketing By Chelsea Varney on March 30th 2017

On Proving the Credibility of Social Intelligence

The research industry is changing. Traditionally research was based on statistics, surveys and focus groups. With the introduction of social intelligence there is now another dataset added to the mix. However, this has raised some concerns for analysts. Is the data gathered via social representative and accurate? Emelie Swerre, Research Manager EMEA & APAC at […] Read more

Predictions, Crisis Management and…Matchmaking? The True Capabilities of Social Intelligence

This may seem like a bold statement for us to make, but here we go. Social intelligence can’t tell you everything. It has limitations and flaws, like any product, and we aren’t afraid to tackle these limitations head-on. At our recent Happy Hour, Senior Solutions Consultant at Brandwatch Chris McCormick tackled some important use-cases for social data […] Read more

Marketing By Chelsea Varney on February 21st 2017

Uncover the Social Stats Behind #SMWF

Social Media World Forum, the event that everyone had been tweeting about and looking forward to has been and gone. In the grand surroundings of Vinopolis in London hundreds of social media bods gathered to learn some tips and insights from great minds and brands. Highlights from the event included a talks from the Ambassador […] Read more

Community By Chelsea Varney on June 12th 2015

Inside Brandwatch: Behind the Scenes at the Signals Launch Party

Last week we launched our latest feature, Signals. We were rather excited about it, and with good reason – built on our powerful social data platform and powered by the most sophisticated intelligence around, Signals alerts you to emerging crises and trends as soon as they start. They essentially do all the hard work for you – […] Read more

Culture By Chelsea Varney on April 1st 2015

Inside Brandwatch: Clients Master Social Media Monitoring

It seems like it was only yesterday that we decided to host our first Brandwatch Masterclass. In fact, it’s been a whole year since we first invited our clients to come and learn more about the platform while getting to meet all of their favorite Brandwatchers. We were scared and excited. Would our clients want to […] Read more

Culture By Chelsea Varney on March 17th 2015