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Kellan is the New York PR Data Analyst at Brandwatch. He enjoys long moon-lit walks on the beach, deafening silence and cliche.


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Kellan Terry


Kellan is the New York PR Data Analyst at Brandwatch. He enjoys long moon-lit walks on the beach, deafening silence and cliche.


Hurricane Harvey, Joel Osteen, and a Social Storm of Disappointment

Last week saw Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it wrought on the greater Houston area dominate the headlines. This was the proper place for the media to concentrate last week. I, however, won’t take you on a journey of the ins and outs of this social discussion. It was a natural disaster that I don’t […] Read more

Trending By Kellan Terry on September 5th 2017

The Trump Effect: How Has Leaving Trump’s Manufacturing Council Affected the Brands?

Well, it was another week of fire, brimstone and the worst of humanity. These are the stories you couldn’t escape on social if you tried. From August 13 to August 15, Merck was mentioned more than 344,000 times online, and the reason for those mentions was the departure of the company’s CEO from Trump’s American […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Kellan Terry on August 21st 2017

The Data on Just How Much People Hate the Idea of Dunkin’ Donuts Changing its Name

There was one news story that dominated the headlines last week. Just one. You know the story I’m referencing. In fact, you’re probably still seeing, and learning the latest developments, around it today. I didn’t want to write about that. Military solutions are now fully in place,locked and loaded,should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim […] Read more

Trending By Kellan Terry on August 14th 2017

MTV’s Total Request Live + Britney Spears: Comeback of the Year?

We love nostalgia. It’s a scientifically proven fact, and if it’s not, we have some proof of our own. Early last week a certain television channel that goes by the acronym ‘MTV’ announced that it was relaunching a hit program that would surely have us all thinking back to simpler times. Times when the hair […] Read more

Culture By Kellan Terry on August 7th 2017

The Secret Weapon in the Lyft versus Uber Fight? Enter, Taco Mode

Last week we noticed social bubbling around the ride-sharing company Lyft, and a co-marketing promotion they entered with Taco Bell. Examining the past two weeks we see that Lyft has been mentioned more than 310,000 times online – a large discussion that many brands don’t achieve in such a time period. However, Uber’s conversation is larger […] Read more

Trending By Kellan Terry on July 31st 2017

Hot Topic Data Deep Dive: Looking at Subway Failures, Delta vs Ann Coulter, and OJ Simpson

We walked into last week with another prime example of a customer complaining on social, and sparking a bit of a hubbub for a brand. While this isn’t unusual – social platforms are constantly used for customer service – the attention and headlines that this seemingly routine occurrence received was. We dive into the data and […] Read more

Trending By Kellan Terry on July 24th 2017

Uber, Amazon and Ken Dolls: Inside Our PR Team’s Emails

The rich appear to get richer as Amazon and George Clooney make big business moves in this week’s headline roundup. If you didn’t have time to read a newspaper, or visit your favorite news site, don’t worry – we have you covered with the coverage. MONDAY Amazon – Amazon the tech giant/conglomerate decided to purchase […] Read more

Trending By Kellan Terry on June 26th 2017

WWDC, Comey, J. Crew, and Social Data: The Week in Review

It’s everyone’s favorite time. The moment we take to look back before we move forward. Check out last week’s headlines with some extra social data thrown in the mix. MONDAY London – A terrorism attack in London left seven people dead with nearly 50 more injured. On Saturday night, a white van plowed into pedestrians […] Read more

Trending By Kellan Terry on June 12th 2017

Tiger Woods, Covfefe, and Sgt Pepper: Inside our PR Team’s Emails

We’re looking to start a new, little tradition here at Brandwatch, and by tradition I mean a weekly segment that is composed from a collective of daily emails shared within our communications team. The nature of these daily emails is the news that dominated the headlines. We must always be in the know here at […] Read more

Trending By Kellan Terry on June 5th 2017

Frappuccino Happy Hour: Starbucks’ Mystical Flavor Influx Muted Its Midnight Mint Mocha

Branding. People get paid to focus exclusively on branding, and the paramount of branding is when your company, product or service becomes a verb. Notable examples of this are most commonly associated with tech giants and phrases like, “Google it,” or “I’ll Facebook you.” Statements like these make branding professionals giddy. Just below verb status […] Read more

Marketing By Kellan Terry on May 5th 2017