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Published September 18th 2014

How to Find Hashtags Relevant to Your Brand with #brandwatchtips

We have all been there: we’ve created a unique hashtag for our campaigns that we’d like our audience to use. But we aren't sure how to find hashtags asso...

We have all been there: we’ve set up an exciting Twitter competition or campaign, using a unique hashtag that we’d like our audience to use.

But we aren’t sure how well our perfectly-planned hashtag campaign has been adopted. The issue is, we don’t even know what it means when someone asks “how it’s doing”, let alone how to get it trending or what other hashtags people are tweeting when discussing our brand.

At Brandwatch, we aim to help you answer those questions quickly and easily.

Many of our clients are doing amazingly exciting and advanced stuff with hashtags, but the possibilities with Twitter data can be a bit overwhelming. So where do you begin?

In this new episode of #brandwatchtips, our lovely Brit will guide you through the many ways in which you can use our analytics platform to discover popular and relevant hashtags – all in less than 2 minutes!

Whether you’re a fan of expressing yourself in 140 characters or not, Twitter’s hashtag popularity cannot be ignored. It’s the perfect way to reach people who you aren’t directly connected to on social media.

In fact, tweets containing hashtags receive twice as much engagement than those without hashtags.

But only 24% of all tweets have hashtags, meaning many brands are missing out on a big opportunity to increase engagement.

Our platform uses Twitter’s streaming API to bring you the data around any hashtags you may want to find. All you have to do is set up a Query around your topic of interest (brand, specific hashtags, etc.) and you’ll be given lots of useful stats in our Twitter Insights component.

Create the Twitter Insights component in your Dashboardimage 1

Twitter Insights gives you deeper insight into the Twitter chat that matters to you. Not only does it reveal the most common hashtags around your brand, but also the most used emoticons, the most mentioned Tweeters and the most shared links.

This helps you understand what stories about your brand are being spread, so you can clarify if misinformation is being shared and respond quickly if necessary.

Ben & Jerry’s top storiesimage 2

We’ve long had top Tweeters in our platform, showing you which Tweeters mention your brand or topic most. Within our Twitter Insights component, you can also identify who your most mentioned Tweeters are, allowing you to better understand your advocates and influential authorities within the discussion about your brand.

Ben & Jerry’s most mentioned Tweetersimage 3

The top hashtags table really shows how well official and promotional hashtags are being picked up, which other hashtags are used alongside – or instead of – them, and which phrases/keywords a particular audience are most likely to tweet.

Ben & Jerry’s top hashtagsimage 4

As with the most shared hashtags, emoticons can be a good indication of sentiment around your branded conversations. Find out which emoticons are most frequently used alongside tweets about your brand.Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.35.32 AM

For each of the entries in the Insights component, it will also display the number of tweets, retweets, total tweets (sum of all tweets & retweets.) and impressions (the sum of all followers of the @Authors who tweeted this entity), so you can understand which hashtags have the furthest potential reach.

As with all metrics in Brandwatch, you can click into each hashtag to better understand the conversations on Twitter surrounding your brand.

Hashtags are a highly popular aspect of Twitter and other social networks. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that you’re using the best features in Brandwatch to collect, track and create killer hashtags associated with your brand.

The next episode will be up next Thursday, so watch this space!

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