The Internet Reacts to Orange is the New Black Season 5 in Four Social Data Charts Entertainment

By Gemma Joyce on June 13th 2017

Orange is the New Black season 5 has hit screens across the world.

A bunch of avid Netflix fans, otherwise known as the Brandwatch React team, have crunched the data on the latest season to provide a spoiler free set of data-driven goodness for our adoring readers.

Whether you’ve finished the new season or not, prepare yourself for a social data riot.

A clear audience

Litchfield might be a female prison, but the audience of Orange is the New Black also appears to have a predominantly female audience (or, at least, a lot of women discussing the show online).

Orange is the New Black season 5

No real surprises there.

According to Wired, Netflix’s Todd Yellin describes demographic data like age, gender and geography as “garbage” compared to the other sources of data the company has at its disposal, favoring an undisclosed but global algorithm that helps viewers find content that matches their tastes. That said, social data can offer outsiders a decent idea of who’s watching a show and the most dedicated communities around it.

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Episode breakdown

The React team also decided to break down the mentions by episode (e.g. “first episode”, “1st ep” etc). Unsurprisingly, episode one had the most mentions – this is common since people tend to tweet most about their excitement for a show as the season begins.

Orange is the New Black season 5

The interesting stuff comes when you examine mention volumes between later episodes. For example, finding how episode five has more mentions than four and six, and episode ten has more than nine and eleven.

If you’ve not got that far yet, brace yourself for a big episode ten.

Sibling rivalry

Brandwatch Analytics makes it easy to compare two or more datasets against each other, so comparing our Orange is the New Black season 5 mentions with House of Cards season 5 mentions to see which show got a bigger reaction was easy as pie.


Orange is the New Black season 5

The difference is pretty stark, with nearly 100k mentions between them on the first day. In fact, House of Cards’ season five release was fairly tame compared to its previous season. It seems the market for hyperbolic political drama is a little saturated these days.

A 200k landslide of tweets on launch day is no small feat for OITNB, although anyone who watched the intense cliff-hanger that was the season finale of season four probably isn’t surprised.

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