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101 Times Brands Went Viral in 2018

Using Brandwatch’s new AI-analyst, we analyzed one billion conversations to discover the 101 most viral branded events of the year. Learn:

  • Discover the biggest brand crisis of the year🤬
  • See the best performing marketing campaign 👍
  • Find out why 600,000 people mentioned Tesla 🌍
  • View the advert that generated 40,000 complaints 👀
  • See all 101 campaigns, crises and events that everyone talked about 😎

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“Brands need to know where they rank within the entire global conversation. This report opens the door to an entirely new kind of clarity, at scale, that we've never seen before.”

Dennis Wakabayashi

Page contents
  • One billion conversations
  • 500 brands analyzed
  • 101 unique insights
  • 1 definitive report