The Full Picture: Using Image Analysis for Consumer Research

Like AI, growth-hacking, and virtual reality, image analysis for businesses is getting its time in the sun as the intriguing, new solution to current business problems. The application of image analysis technology is still in its early stages, with implementation looking … Read more

Data Frontiers: Subjectivity, Sentiment, and Sense

The secret of advanced social insight is that there is no secret. The data, analytics, solutions, and guidance you need are available and accessible, whatever your industry. Your challenge is to choose the right tools – the right methods and … Read more

Women in Tech: A Study on the Gender Gap in 50 Tech Companies

Many articles on the tech gender gap do not include information on the breakdown of gender within major tech companies. Also, when such statistics are cited, they usually come from information companies have released themselves. Finally, the release of diversity … Read more

Netflix Data: Analyzing the Reception of House of Cards Season 5 on Social

House of Cards season 5 is upon us, and as I type thousands are mid-binge. With US politics the way it is, the latest in the House of Cards series couldn’t have come at a more poignant time. While Spacey’s Underwood … Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on June 6th 2017

Expectations for E3: Social Data Analysis Surfaces The 6 Most Anticipated Things at E3

With the biggest gaming event of 2017 just around the corner, expectations for E3 are huge. While it seems every game outlet under the sun is releasing their lists of things to look forward to at E3, we decided to … Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on June 5th 2017

Tiger Woods, Covfefe, and Sgt Pepper: Inside our PR Team’s Emails

We’re looking to start a new, little tradition here at Brandwatch, and by tradition I mean a weekly segment that is composed from a collective of daily emails shared within our communications team. The nature of these daily emails is … Read more

Trending By Kellan Terry on June 5th 2017

30 Minutes on Slack: Ana-Marija Spajic

Last month I trialled a new thing here on this very blog: ’30 Minutes on Slack’. It turns out everyone loved it! So here I am once again, having a chat on Slack with a colleague with the end goal … Read more

Interview By Natalie Meehan on June 2nd 2017

What the Rise of Online Sports Streaming Means for Traditional Broadcasters

In an age of Netflix and on-demand streaming services, sports events are arguably the last bastion of traditional television. Live matches bring people together in a way that almost feels quaint, whether we’re huddled on the sofa watching the Olympics … Read more

Commentary By Natalie Holmes on June 2nd 2017

Event Recap: The Now You Know™ Conference, Denver

It’s been a few weeks since we said goodbye to Denver and ended yet another successful Now You Know™ Conference, so, as Head of Global Events and Social, I thought it’s high time we do a quick event recap on everything … Read more

Vizia 2: Announcing New Google Integrations, and Extra Social Visualizations

When we launched Vizia 2 in March – just two months ago – we shared a vision that goes beyond visualizing social data. Vizia 2 is the best platform for telling engaging stories from data across a large organization. And … Read more

Product By Will McInnes on May 31st 2017

What Truly Matters to Your Customers? Exploring the Truth with Metia’s Misia Tramp

At this year’s Now You Know™ Conference, we explored the theme of the “truth.” Misia Tramp, VP of Customer Experience at top global agency Metia, discussed the social truth and what that really means for consumers in a recent webinar. She … Read more

What Can Social Data Tell Us About Matcha Tea Drinkers?

You may not have noticed the growing numbers of matcha tea drinkers or steady expansion of matcha products into the English-speaking consciousness, but allow us to assure you that it has happened. Matcha, for the uneducated tea drinker, is a … Read more

Influencer Marketing: Five Essential Rules to Live By surveyed its network to find how brands can better work with influencers. We’ve distilled the findings to five essential rules that will help improve your influencer marketing. Rule 1: Collaborate Marketers naturally want to control the message. While having … Read more

Innovation at the Intersection of Fashion and Technology

Fashion, in different guises, has been around for thousands of years. Each era has been defined by a specific style or shape. Thankfully we’ve moved on from whale-bone corsets and top hats, but nevertheless, fashion is in a constant state … Read more

Marketing By Emma Shanahan on May 26th 2017