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Published March 19th 2014

Take Your Brandwatch Data Anywhere: Brandwatch API + Gnip

Find out how we've matched up the Brandwatch API with GNIP. We're always looking for new ways to improve the tech in the background of our products.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new API, along with a first-of-its kind partnership with social data provider Gnip.

The techy among you may already be aware that Brandwatch has an API (application programming interface) that allows you to get your Brandwatch data from the system without going into the platform.

Well, today we are launching our new API, which is significantly quicker, easier to use and better all round.

With that comes our new partnership with the world’s first and largest social data provider, Gnip, that means you can get full Twitter content – such as the author, tweet text, followers etc – through the API. This first-of-its-kind integration allows Brandwatch customers to obtain industry-leading analytics and full Twitter messages through one simple service.

If you’re already using our API, get in touch with your account manager or the support team to talk about switching over, and if you’re not but really really wish you were now, let’s have a chat.

More details below, or read all about a client already using the API to build a new product in this case study.

So, what can you do with an API?


Well, using an API is all about getting your Brandwatch data, including all those juicy bits of metadata, out of the platform and into other systems. In simple terms, it lets you take your Brandwatch data anywhere.

Uses include:

  • Create custom, automated reporting
  • Build visualisations
  • Export social data and posts for use internally
  • Integrate with internal or other business applications
  • Build your own applications

Those of you who know us well may know that we’re particularly fond of point 2 there – building data visualisations, which we do with aplomb, if we may say so ourselves. And, in fact, a great example of a product built using the Brandwatch API is our very own Brandwatch Vizia.

We already have some clients doing super cool things with the API. For example, Creation Healthcare have built a product specifically for healthcare professionals, using Brandwatch data. You can read all about how they did that, and the results, in this case study.
Still stumped? Sign up for our webinar with Gnip, to find out all about the API and what it can be used for.

If you want more technical details about the API, take a look here.

Why have we partnered with Gnip?


We already have a relationship with Gnip in order to offer our clients access to full Twitter data for the mentions that matter to them (filtered from the ‘firehose’) through Brandwatch Analytics, and are one of the founding members of the Plugged In programme.

Now, we’ve extended our partnership to be able to offer full Twitter content (that’s the actual content of tweets and data such as the author and followers) through the API.
This partnership allows us to offer clients the ability to retrieve their full Twitter content without having to switch between different data sources – making the whole process seamless. This is a first-of-its-kind API, due to our partnership with Gnip – something we’re pretty darn proud of.

What now?


Well, that depends. Chances are if you’ve got this far, you’re pretty interested in the API.

If you’re still a bit confused, and want the opportunity to learn more and ask questions, then join us and Gnip for our joint webinar next week (can’t make it? Sign up anyway and we’ll send you a recording!)

If you’re ready and raring to go, get in touch with us, or speak to our team if you’re already a Brandwatch user, and we’ll be happy to let you know more about getting set up and the different levels of API access available.



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