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Top 8 Great Value Social Media Analytics Tools Marketing

By Ruxandra Mindruta on April 15th 2014

As we’ve previously helped outline the top 10 free social media monitoring tools, we thought it might be valuable to go beyond monitoring and delve into other types of analytics tools.

First question: what’s the difference between monitoring and analytics? 

Well, it’s not actually that clear. Many would argue social media monitoring is a type of analytics, whereas others would say social media analytics tools are exclusively concerned with owned media.

Instead of writing 600 words on the specific difference and nuances of the terminology, here are eight social analytics tools we think are pretty handy for anyone looking at measuring social media (assuming you’re already using Brandwatch, right?)


1) Sprout Social


Let’s kick off with Sprout Social, a tool which mainly focuses on three key areas: engagement, publishing and reporting (analytics).

What we like about Sprout Social is that it tracks owned activity in a great deal of depth.

One particularly useful feature is how it provides a score for sites like Facebook and Twitter, pointing out how effectively you’re communicating with your communities.

sprout social - social media analytics

Some other cool features are: demographics, scheduling options and benchmarking against competitors in terms of engagement, influence, followers, etc.

The pricing ranges from $39 to $99 per month, depending on the features you need.

2) Google Analytics


This is one of the few platforms that we use on a daily basis – and it can be a bit addictive, but it’s incredibly useful.

Google Analytics lets you track page views, visitor information and conversion rates, allowing you to keep an eye on what’s working best and what needs to be improved in areas such as referrals, social media or email traffic to your website, for instance.

g analytics

Additionally, being aware of how people found your site or where they’re clicking on your page facilitates the process of duplicating successful actions and expanding upon them.

The user-friendly (but somewhat ugly) interface makes it really easy to use and even if you’re an analytics rookie, you can learn pretty fast how it works with buckets of resources available via – you guessed it – Google.

Anyone who’s anyone should be using a tool like this if they hope to apply some kind of ROI to their social media efforts.

Best part about it? It’s a completely free social media analytics tool, so we highly recommend giving it a spin.


3) Cyfe


Cyfe focuses on tracking social media and email accounts, blogs, websites and so on.


Inside your dashboard, you can add widgets (a maximum of five allowed for the free version, but if in need for more, you can always pay $19/month for unlimited widgets), to get a better idea of your audience size, activity and keyword searches.

It’s a robust tool for reporting as it lets you download reports of your data in PNG, JPEG, PDF and CSV formats, and also share the info with your team, ensuring smooth workflow management.


4) Tailwind


Our community management team uses Tailwind for tracking growth in terms of followers, repins and likes on Pinterest, as well as identifying relevant topics of conversation to our industry and connecting with influential pinners.

Usefully, you can also rely on Tailwind for benchmarking fan engagement levels against competitors and optimising your content.


You can use their “heatmaps” for monitoring virality or getting immediate actionable insights regarding best days and times to pin based on when your audience is most engaged.

Fancy having a look? You can either go for the Lite version ($29/month) or if looking for more features, the Professional version ($99/month) might be best for you.


5) Beevolve


Beevolve’s monitoring dashboard provides insights such as sentiment & topic analysis, as well as top sources and tag clouds.



The tool also allows you to launch posts and get metrics such as conversions, shares, and comments, for each of them.

Additional features include; competitive analytics, email alerts, daily summary reports, engagement & workflow, etc. The pricing plan starts at $19.95 per month for 1 user, 5 social profiles, and email support.


6) Keyhole


Keyhole is worth testing if you’re seeking for a tool that looks at Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, as it tracks any hashtag, keyword or URL.

In a nutshell, insights such as demographics, location and topic clouds can be used for identifying brand advocates and their background.


Furthermore, with Keyhole you can also analyse buzz around campaigns in real-time, finding the most engaging content and amplifying it.

Their pricing is quite flexible, highly dependent on your needs and starts at $49/month.


7) Crowdbooster


Crowdbooster’s user interface is easy to navigate, as you can get instant visual feedback regarding your performance.

Similarly to Tailwind, it offers valuable insights with reference to the best times of the day to share content with your community, based on previous posts’ engagement, and there’s also a scheduling option.


With Crowdbooster, you can check the number of likes, comments, impressions, retweets and many more metrics, all in real time.

They do a 30-day free trial version, so you can sign up for that before deciding whether any of their Bronze, Silver or Gold pricing plans works for you.


8) Social Bakers


Social Bakers provides social media network statistics from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube, helping companies evaluate the success of their social media activity.

It also allows industry and regional benchmarking, and you can monitor and analyse any profile or page without admin rights.


social bakers

Social Bakers is great for analyzing fan growth and user activity while also finding out key insights about your brand advocates.

The pricing starts at $39/month and it covers up to 10 profiles, but the premium version is $99/month+.

If you’re looking for cost-effective social media analytics tools, these suggestions are a promising start- go for a few free trials and see which app works best for you.

We’ve selected the tools on this list with social media monitoring in mind. Smart marketers are using a suite of technology to create their own toolkits, allowing them to effectively use and measure social media activity.

We’ve developed Brandwatch with this in mind, and believe our platform perfectly complements some of the vendors featured in this list.

If you’re assessing which software will help advance your digital marketing efforts, we’d be happy to show you what Brandwatch can do.


See Brandwatch in action


Advanced social media analytics

Brandwatch Analytics lets you dig deeper into social data to help you find more game-changing insights.

  • Jane T

    Cyfe + Google Analytics = Ultimate Toolset :)

  • Jimmy

    We are proud to present SocialSensr! Analytics will be upgraded very soon but we are curious to know what you think of it.

  • You’re forgetting one. Take a wild guess ;)

  • Jane T


  • I’d add to this list for analysing Twitter communities!

  • Thanks for the tip Joakim!

  • Tweet Reach ( is pretty epic.

  • Hi Ruxandra. This is Mrigank from the socialclout team. SocialClout is complete suite of tools that help Businesses to manage their social media marketing and monitoring initiatives. It Includes Monitoring, Listening, engagement workflow, Social Media Analytics and Social Media lead generation and competitve analysis. I Would request you to visit to evaluate by trying out our 30 day free trial. Would appreciate your feedback.This tool would be a great asset to the
    marketing teams of small businesses because it is rich in feature and competitive in pricing.

  • Tavis Lochhead

    My company just started using Plumlytics. Quite liking it thus far!

  • Sudeep Kumar

    Want to add an information about the new analytical tool
    named SocialClout, which consist of a
    complete suite of tools that help Businesses to manage their social media
    marketing and monitoring initiatives. It Includes Monitoring, Listening,
    Engagement workflow, Social Media Analytics, Social Media lead generation and competitive analysis.

    I would ask you to visit and evaluate by
    trying out our 30 day free trial. Would appreciate your feedback. This tool
    would be a great asset to the marketing teams of small businesses because it is rich in feature and competitive in pricing.

  • Jennifer

    Great list! I’d to advice you also SocialWin, a cheap and useful tool to measure Engagement and ROI of your Facebook,Twitter and Youtube pages.

  • ??

  • Thanks for your suggestion Sudeep! Good to know you can sign up for a free trial. We’ll check it out in our next review.

  • Hi Tavis, thanks for the tip! What do you like most about Plumlytics for your business? We’ll be sure to check it out in our next review.

  • Hi Jennifer, thanks for your suggestion. Do they also offer insights into Pinterest, Google+ and other popular social networks? We’ll be sure to take a look them in our next review. Thanks!

  • Hi Mrigank,

    Thanks for your suggestions. We’ll be sure to sign up for a 30 day trial and analyze SocialClout in our next review. :)

  • Jennifer

    Hi Iris, I think in this moment they work just with Facebook, Twitter
    and Youtube, but I hope they will include also others social networks
    very soon. We keep in touch and I’ll let you know if I discover
    something new about it. Thank you!

  • Wonderful. Thank you Jennifer!

  • Big Guy

    for a business looking to track social media analytics for other businesses, what would you recommend?

  • David

    I think Scraawl ( is great for tweet statistics, social presence, and sentiment analysis! It also has community analysis, and heat maps.

  • Thanks David. We’ll check it out.

  • Sasha

    Nice compilation! Another great and free tool for the list is ( It lets you analyze Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages

  • Melissa Lee

    i would add to this list, for really amazing competitor reports! which is so often overlooked. And the instagram analytics are at least 5 pages long – really comprehensive!

  • samso

    This is pretty nice and light statistic tool for social media spread

  • Jan Zając

    I’d also add :) Solid social media analytics tool in a really good price.

  • Great stuff, thanks for sharing! Interesting case study and Very useful list of apps.

  • Diana

    Thank you for list. But do you think that it is rather more practical to use such tools which include different social networks?
    I used social bakers and it’s powerful and expesive tool. For personal and small business using i would recommend social media data analytics tool It’s cheaper than Social bakers and intuitive. is social media management tool also. I pay 10 dollars for management and analytics. Is it good deal?

  • The best thing you can do with these tools is to combine them into a workflow by using excel. I often use SimilarWeb, FanpageKarma and Buzzsumo to export the information I need and put it into an excel file.

    I recently analysed some online publishers’ social performance. Here is an example how it looks like in action: