For Customers: We Will Not Be Losing Twitter Data Announcement

By Giles Palmer on April 14th 2015

The tech press has been alight with the recent news that Twitter is terminating its contracts with third party data providers – most notably our friends at Datasift and NTT – in favor of building direct relationships with the companies and brands that use Twitter data.

The story is generating a lot of coverage, as well as some concerns from our own clients and partners about our ability to continue providing full Twitter data.

For Brandwatch clients and partners we wanted to clarify and assure you that we will continue to receive full Twitter data and our coverage will not be affected by this news.

That’s because we already have the direct relationship with Twitter that it will be developing with others. Just like we only rely on our own proprietary technology, we’ve always tried to collect our own data wherever possible via our own crawlers, and where that is not possible we’ve sought to develop direct relationships.

We have a long and very positive history with Gnip, and then Twitter when Gnip was acquired, and we intend to continue working closely alongside them to provide Twitter data to our clients, as well as working with them to explore new projects to help our customers get even more from the data.

If you are an existing customer and have any questions about our Twitter data, please get in touch with your Account Manager or our fantastic Support Team.


Giles Palmer


Giles is the CEO and founder of Brandwatch. He is a regular speaker at leading conferences and also serves on the Industrial Advisory Board for Sussex University, as well as the Social Media Committee for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.