More Tabs, Please #10: Dust Kings, Fake Bars, and Leningrad

Well, here we are at number ten. Arbitrary, but it’s a milestone all the same. This week’s More Tabs, Please has got a couple of big pieces – perfect if you’ve been snowed in, or this cold snap has left you stranded somewhere. This week’s listen-a-long album is Jackson C. Frank’s self-titled 1965 folk classic: A […] Read more

By Joshua Boyd on February 9th 2018

Case Study: How American Airlines’ Social Hub Powers Insights to the Whole Business

No matter where you were, there’s no way you escaped the news of the three devastating hurricanes that hit the US in 2017, particularly impacting Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Many are still reeling in the aftermath today. Being based in Texas with another major hub in Miami, American Airlines was particularly impacted by the […] Read more

Case Study By Alex Jones on February 9th 2018

#PlantBased: An Exploration of Online Vegan Communities and Conversations

I hear more about veganism every day here at Brandwatch, whether it’s another colleague converting to Huel, or discussions of favorite recipes in our #dietary-requirements Slack channel. Our CMO Will McInnes has got involved too, and we haven’t heard the end of it since. The fact that Will has gone vegan has become so much […] Read more

Research By Gemma Joyce on February 8th 2018

Falcon Heavy Launch Data: Analyzing 450k Social Media Reactions in 4 Charts

Tuesday 6 February saw SpaceX make history. Your loyal data goblins in the Brandwatch React team have, of course, gathered the Falcon Heavy launch data. Before we launch into it 🤓 if you’ve not watched the video of the take off (and the reveal of the “Star Man” with the Earth in the background) you […] Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on February 7th 2018

Super Bowl LII Ads: Which Brands Rose to the Top of Online Conversation?

The Philadelphia Eagles may have stomped on the New England Patriots, but which of the Super Bowl LII ads triumphed in getting the most people talking? The Brandwatch React team have long been fans of crunching Super Bowl data, and this year is no different. We found 4.2 million mentions of the Super Bowl the […] Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on February 5th 2018

The History of Facebook: From BASIC to Global Giant

On the 4th February Facebook turned 14 years old. Now one of the biggest companies in the world, it’s become an everyday fixture of millions of lives the world over. Businesses, too, have found their place from industry giants to the quaint cafe in a tiny town of a few hundred people. So how did […] Read more

Commentary By Joshua Boyd on February 5th 2018

The Five Most Talked About Transfers in The 2018 January EPL Transfer Window

So the English Premier League’s transfer window just slammed shut. And what a month it has been. Plenty of rumours and fake news, complemented by a large number of high-profile signings from clubs – all encapsulated in 31 days. Just in case you’ve missed all the gossip and news and you’re too lazy to scroll […] Read more

More Tabs, Please #9: Ballgown Fighting, Street Food, and Hamilton

That’s it. January is out of here and we can all pretend we were only miserable because of the month. Into February we go with all its delights like ‘being cold but not as much as January” and ‘being dark but not as much as January’. Pure heaven. This week’s album is Shuggie Otis’s Freedom Flight: […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on February 2nd 2018

UK Student Debt Data: Blending Search and Social Insights

Student debt is something that I try not to think about too much. I was among the first students in the UK to be charged £9k a year for my university tuition, and as an 18-year-old it didn’t seem like real money. Now when I check my yearly student debt statement I can’t help but […] Read more

Research By Gemma Joyce on February 1st 2018

New Research: Using Social Data to Provide a Better Commute

Millions of commuters pile into Manhattan every day, nearly doubling the population of the city during the work week. That’s more than 1.5 million customers for the MTA on a daily basis, giving the MTA plenty of opportunities to impress or disappoint. At $2.75 a Metrocard swipe, expectations build up – so can the MTA […] Read more

Research By Rebecca Beregovich on January 30th 2018

Infographic: How to Get More From Social Intelligence in 8 Steps

Social media intelligence is emerging as an innovative approach to understand customers, markets and competitors to inform business decision-making, but social intelligence is not easy to achieve. I’ve recently been posting a lot about how to gain better insights from social media conversations by analyzing behavior instead of reporting analytics (see here and here for […] Read more

Commentary By Jillian Ney on January 28th 2018

More Tabs, Please #8: Ramen Bowls, Old Inventions, and Shootouts

It’s Friday once again, so it’s time for another More Tabs, Please. The end of January is within reach and it’s nearly not dark at 5pm. The more forward-thinking among us are already looking ahead to Post-work Bag of Tins on Some Grass Season, which frankly, can’t come soon enough. This week’s album is the […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on January 26th 2018

Travel and the Customer Journey: Where Next From a Google Search?

#Travel is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. If you didn’t post about your vacation did you even go? Meanwhile brands in the travel industry engage in tough competition to win consumers’ attention and favor both on customer service and share of voice. While the act of travelling might take place in far […] Read more

Product Update: What’s new in 2018

The holiday season is now beginning to feel like a distant memory but the Brandwatch elves have been busy in the last month wrapping up some extra treats for our users. There’s some tweaks and new features by popular request and some updates laying the groundwork for the exciting year of product development ahead. Brandwatch […] Read more

By Nick Taylor on January 24th 2018