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Industry Insider: You’re Only as Strong as Your Weakest Customer Facing Asset

Over the last year or so I’ve had some pretty poor experiences with third party support and/or delivery teams from companies I’ve bought from or have services through. Read more

Opinion By Chris Owen on January 28th 2016

React: Delving into the World of Twitter’s Most Powerful Beliebers

The Bieber fandom marketplace is as competitive as it is brutal. Read more

Influencers By Gemma Joyce on January 27th 2016

January Update: Two Updates to Help You Start Simplifying Social

At Brandwatch, we help brands understand what the world is talking about by collecting and analyzing data from millions of sites across the social web. Read more

Product By Nick Taylor on January 26th 2016

Research: An Investigation on How Making a Murderer Made its Mark

What have you been doing this month? Millions of people have decided to immerse themselves in Netflix’s most recent binge-worthy phenomenon – the 10-part documentary series Making a Murderer. Read more

Interview: FXCM on Choosing a Social Media Analytics Platform

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Andrus, VP Social Media and Brand Management for FXCM, the retail foreign exchange trading platform providing forex trading through online platforms. Read more

Interview By Kit Smith on January 25th 2016

News: Brandwatch and Hootsuite Just got Even Better

It’s our philosophy to be the best we can be at all of the things we do, rather than just okay at many. As Scott Brinker noted in his recent piece for Customer Think, “The major marketing clouds are foundational … Read more

Product By Jasmine Jaume on January 25th 2016

Industry Opinion: Snake Oil Social Media Gurus are out of Control

Earlier this week I got angry, (possibly angrier than I should have done, but hey, what’s Twitter without a little irrational ire?), with a slide shared in a presentation given by a self-styled ‘social media guru’ which had been shared to … Read more

Opinion By Chris Owen on January 22nd 2016

React: How Cards Against Humanity Became Grandma’s Favorite Game

How did a game which pokes fun at poverty and mass killings achieve worldwide fame? Read more

Topic Analysis By Cara Sherratt on January 21st 2016

On Purpose: Why Brands Need to Examine What Their Truth Is

I love thinking about brands, and their purpose. Read more

Commentary By Colin Cather on January 21st 2016

Data Labs: Social Data and The Problem With Pollsters

This week the British Polling Council released their long awaited report on exactly what went wrong around 2015’s UK General Election. Not the result, but why none of the polls saw it coming. Read more

Politics By Matt Pearson on January 20th 2016

React: We Analyzed Your Dream Tweets and This is What we Found

Did you know that humans spend an average of six years in their lives dreaming? Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on January 19th 2016

Research: The Telecoms Industry Has to Wake Up to Social in 2016

The telecommunications industry’s consumers demand a consistently functioning service. Read more

Research By Kit Smith on January 19th 2016

React: Democratic Race Too Close to Call After NBC-YouTube Debate

On Sunday night, Charleston in South Carolina played host to the fourth democratic debate. Read more

Politics By Emma Shanahan on January 18th 2016