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August Update: We’re Making Global Collaboration Easier

The internet has in many ways made the world smaller, meaning that global reach isn’t just reserved for those companies with huge marketing budgets anymore.  Read more

Product By Jasmine Jaume on August 27th 2015

Case Study: How Comic Relief Used Social Intelligence for Positive Change

Comic Relief is arguably the most recognized not-for-profit in the UK. Read more

Case Study By Hannah Tregear on August 26th 2015

#AskTheExperts: 17 Rules to Follow for Becoming an Influencer

Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective channels to reach modern day consumers, whose interest and attention has become increasingly harder to capture. Read more

Research: We Know Exactly How You Like Your Eggs in the Morning

Eggs. Wibbly, wobbly, unctuous eggs. There aren’t many things as pleasing as an egg, at least to this writer. The gentle undulation of a pile of hot, creamy scrambled eggs. Read more

Topic Analysis By Natalie Meehan on August 25th 2015

Marketing: Understanding Television Audiences on Social

As a broadcaster or advertiser, there are countless ways to research your audience, both online and offline. It can however, be a challenge to establish which disciplines are best to accurately analyze your audience, especially as audience behavior is changing so … Read more

Guide By Hannah Tregear on August 24th 2015

React: More Tweeters Want to Fight Donald Trump Than Vote For Him

Donald Trump is one of the most controversial figures in US politics right now. A real-estate billionaire, Trump has ruffled feathers in politics since announcing his candidacy for the president of the United States on June 16. Read more

Politics By Marcus Beard on August 21st 2015

New: Get Alerted to the Issues You Care About with Signals Filtering

Now you can get automatically alerted to emerging crises and trends related to only the specific topics within your data that you really care about. Read more

Product By Jasmine Jaume on August 20th 2015

React: Is the World Actually Ready for a GoPro Quadcopter?

Autonomous flying cameras graduated from the fictional worlds and sci fi novels some time ago. Drones with cameras strapped to them were one of the biggest sellers of the last year. With millions of these devices in the hands of responsible and irresponsible … Read more

Topic Analysis By Marcus Beard on August 19th 2015

Transparency: We Reveal our PR Metrics, Best Practices and Results

Nestled firmly underneath the greater Marketing umbrella is Public Relations – the department responsible for courting members of the media, upholding a brand’s image, as well as disseminating company messaging. Read more

Community By Kellan Terry on August 18th 2015

Research: Analyzing the Twitter Buzz of TV Shows on Gambling

Having been in the iGaming and bookmaking industry myself for over ten years, I couldn’t help myself in doing some research into the Twitter buzz surrounding the series ‘Britain at the Bookies’ that recently aired on UK television network the BBC. Read more

Research By Joakim Nilsson on August 17th 2015

React: Here’s What People on Twitter Want to do to Taylor Swift

She’s stolen our hearts, held our favorite streaming services to ransom, and started a new internet feud every other week. Accounting for 22% of album sales in the US, she has an estimated worth of $200 million. Read more

Topic Analysis By Marcus Beard on August 14th 2015

Marketing: Connected Data and Transparency Changes Everything

Our VP of Inbound Marketing, Joel Windels, presented recently at the great Digital Journeys event hosted by Jellyfish, in Brighton, UK. Read more

Marketing By Natalie Meehan on August 14th 2015

Research: Social Insights on the Television Network Industry

The past two decades have marked an important change for television networks. Read more

Research By James Lovejoy on August 13th 2015

React: The Dogs on Social Who are More Famous Than You’ll Ever Be

Dogs aren’t just for Christmas – they’re for life, walks and for tweeting about, too. Over a million pet owners have created dedicated pet accounts, and the term “social petworking” is taking the internet by storm. Read more

Topic Analysis By Cara Sherratt on August 12th 2015