How to Use Social Data for Real-Time Brand Tracking

Brand tracking gives you an overview of whether your brand is known, how people experience being your customer, and what they think about your brand in general. Read more

Consumer Insights By Kit Smith on July 22nd 2016

React: The Social Data Behind the 2016 GOP Convention

The 2016 GOP Convention has had no shortage of drama. Read more

Politics By Gemma Joyce on July 22nd 2016

Why Everybody in Your Organization Should Be a Customer Advocate

In an age where consumers are more informed than ever, employing a customer advocate can make sure a brand is focused on delivering the best for the customer. Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on July 21st 2016

React: Zombies, Aliens & Captain America’s 75th Birthday: The Data on Comic-Con 2016

As San Diego braces itself for an influx of costume-clad pop culture fanatics, we tracked the data leading up to the huge event. Read more

By Gemma Joyce on July 21st 2016

Audience Intelligence: Which Marketing Websites Are Most Popular In Europe?

Whilst the UK’s future role within Europe may be a little unsure right now, there is no doubt that when it comes to the marketing industry it is still leading the field in the region.  Read more

Research By Edward Bass on July 21st 2016

In-Depth Political Research: Understanding #tcot and #UniteBlue

Political discourse in America has become increasingly divisive over the past few years. Read more

Research By Benjamin Schaefer on July 20th 2016

Velocity, Speed, Cost: Mining Social Data for Valuable Consumer Insights

We are living in the age of the customer. It has never been easier for consumers to explore the competition before committing to a purchase. Read more

Consumer Insights By Kit Smith on July 20th 2016

Brian Solis: Thoughts on Disruption, Innovation and the Future of Marketing

The future of marketing. One sentence returning 411,000,000 search results on Google – but very few of those results will be useful, and how to best sift through so many thoughts on one topic? Read more

Interview By Natalie Meehan on July 19th 2016

Presidential Election 2016 Graphic: The Social DNA of Hillary v Donald Supporters

As the race to the White House heats up this month with big announcements and convention season kicking off, we analyzed the key characteristics and commonalities most prevalent to each presumptive nominee in this infographic. Read more

Politics By Kellan Terry on July 19th 2016

React: Data on The Incredibly Mixed Response to the New Ghostbusters Movie

The new Ghostbusters hit movie theatres across the world this weekend, causing a huge wave on social. Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on July 18th 2016

React: Bernie, Hillary, Hot Dogs & Pokémon: This Week’s Social Round-up

We’re back with our fast data on some of the most talked about moments of the week. Are we missing something? Tweet us @BW_React Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on July 15th 2016

The Buy Button Invasion: Is Social Commerce Finally Taking Off?

The last few years have seen the prospect of social commerce bubbling away without really taking off. Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on July 14th 2016

React: Want to Make Money? Invent a Day.

Dedicating a day to treasured items and anniversaries is something we’ve done for thousands of years, but our list of days to celebrate is getting longer and longer. Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on July 14th 2016

Let’s Debate: Traditional Market Research versus Social Insights

Will McInnes opened up a debate at the Now You Know Conference back in May with a thought that really resonated with me. Read more

Interview By Natalie Meehan on July 13th 2016