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A Very Scientific Look at Whether Cats or Dogs are Most Popular on Instagram

Full disclosure, this blog post was fueled entirely by a pro-dog agenda. My wife and I have a bit of a menagerie: one dog, two permanent cats (one foster cat), and three chickens. As a result, the cute faces of … Read more

Intelligent Market Segmentation: Getting to Know Your Customers

Traditionally, brands had no choice to market to everyone at once. Whether a TV spot or a newspaper print ad, mass marketing meant many people who saw an advert were outside of the target audience, unlikely to ever buy the … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on September 12th 2016

Harambe Would Have Loved This Article: Analyzing a Gorilla’s Internet Legacy

Harambe. What started as the tragic shooting of a majestic creature (to prevent a child getting harmed) has turned into a meme – perhaps the most perfect meme there is. The incredible journey from live gorilla to controversial meme is what … Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on September 9th 2016

Change Management: Transforming an Organization Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Undergoing any kind of change can be fatal for previously successful businesses. Confronted with disruption, some companies struggle through a period of change which, as reported by Associate Professor at the London Business School, Donald Sull, can lead to active inertia. … Read more

Commentary By Natalie Meehan on September 8th 2016

React: How the Apple Event Went Down on Social

This September’s #AppleEvent had all the social media drama we wanted to see. Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on September 8th 2016

The Importance of Content: How Business Blogging can Make or Break Your Brand

Let’s talk business blogging. A little over a decade ago, there was barely a trace of big businesses or brands of any size involved in blogging. Flash forward to 2016; everyone’s doing it. With the passage of time, the blogging industry has … Read more

Marketing By Andrea Bell on September 7th 2016

Conducting Social Media Research: How to Find Real Consumer Insights

Social media research can surface consumer insights that can be difficult and expensive to find in any other way. The volume of conversation on the web gives this research method a unique ability – uncovering qualitative insights on a quantitative … Read more

Consumer Insights By Kit Smith on September 6th 2016

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is Back and its Fans Are Anything But Basic

It’s like Christmas has come early, though that’s a whole other story. Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on September 6th 2016

Hillary Clinton is a ____: The Internet Speaks

Did someone say there was an election coming? Read more

Politics By Gemma Joyce on September 2nd 2016

Consumer Insights for the Consumer Technology Industry

The term disruption is overused, but it’s not hard to see why. Plucky little start-ups are now able to turn an entire industry on its head. Airbnb and Uber have fundamentally changed the way we vacation and get around. Newly minted companies … Read more

Consumer Insights By Kit Smith on September 2nd 2016

Mobile Banking & Online Banking: Assessing the Now to Plan for the Next

It feels like being able to access your monies online or via an app has not been around for a long period of time. In fact, a study from Javelin Strategy, a research consultancy, found that only last year in … Read more

Research By Irelyn Akers on September 2nd 2016

Building a Brand Research Strategy: How to Analyze Your Brand

Undertaking brand research will help to uncover the health of your brand. A business’s potential can be maximized by identifying threats and opportunities. You can understand if your customers are aligned with your values. The position you occupy in the in … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on September 1st 2016

Cathay Pacific Case Study: Using Social Data to Inform a Global Business

Founded in 1946, Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier for Hong Kong. 70 years later the “World’s Best Airline” according to Skytrax World Airline Awards travels to 173 destinations worldwide and transports approximately one million passengers each month. As the … Read more

Case Study By Hannah Tregear on September 1st 2016