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Twitter Trends 2016: 8 Changes to Expect from Twitter

This is the first part in a series looking ahead at what 2016 will hold for social media. We’ll be talking about the trends around each major social network, starting with our Twitter predictions. Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on November 18th 2015

Activating over Generating: Creating an Analytics Culture

Over a billion dollars of VC funding has been spent on marketing analytics so far this year. Read more

Commentary By Natalie Meehan on November 17th 2015

Marketing: 21 PR Tools SEO Practitioners Need to Use in 2016

Once upon a time, SEO and PR existed as separate entities. Read more

Marketing By Siobhan McGinty on November 16th 2015

Commentary: Considering the Advertiser’s Impact on Social Networks

You are a liar. Don’t protest – that’s what you are. We all are. Read more

Commentary By Joel Windels on November 13th 2015

Energy Providers: Tips on Leveraging Social Analytics for Consumer Insights

In 1992, US Congress enacted the Energy Policy Act to begin deregulation of the energy sector, replacing a government monopoly with competing sellers. Read more

Guide By Kit Smith on November 12th 2015

React: How You Reacted to the GOP Candidates on Social Media

The GOP presidential debates have always succeeded in causing a stir on Twitter, and this one was certainly no exception. Read more

Politics By Emma Shanahan on November 11th 2015

Industry Insider: Unpicking The Innovation Paradigm

Last week in Dublin the Web Summit conference showcased quite how vibrant the start-up economy is right now. Read more

Opinion By Chris Owen on November 11th 2015

CMO View: On Making Data Truly Beautiful and Contagious

Design is a magical power as far as I’m concerned. Let’s take a moment to think about design and data. Read more

Opinion By Will McInnes on November 10th 2015

React: On Identity, Anonymity and Social Inclusion

How people identify online has changed as the way we communicate inches towards maturity. Back in the day, you were only as good as your domain name – and perhaps a ‘made by Dave’ gif underneath a hit counter. Read more

Entertainment By Marcus Beard on November 6th 2015

October Update: Get to Social Intelligence Faster

Quality social intelligence starts with high quality data and gets you to decisions quickly, so in October we introduced improvements to Brandwatch’s data and released even more pre-built Dashboards and content to help you get to social intelligence even faster. Read more

Product By David Esbin on November 6th 2015

Facebook Search FYI: What Does It Mean For Marketers?

On 22 October, Facebook revamped its search console by indexing all 2 trillion public posts. The goal? To improve the results of 1.5 billion searches conducted on the site every day. Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on November 5th 2015

React: Learn To Love Twitter’s ‘Hearts’ and ‘Likes’

Even the smallest of changes can be met with inconceivably large backlashes. Huge groups of people can be stubborn. They get set into ideas and conventions after a few months of interacting with something. When you try to alter something … Read more

Entertainment By Marcus Beard on November 4th 2015

Marketing: Measuring Share of Voice in the Fashion Industry

Understanding share of voice is an important component in both market research and competitor benchmarking. While it is a top line metric, it is a great starting point rather than an irrelevance. Read more

Guide By Kit Smith on November 4th 2015

React: How Londoners Reacted to The Great Fog of November 1st

On the morning of the first of November, there’s always a strange feeling coating city streets. Read more

Trending By Marcus Beard on November 3rd 2015