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Commentary: Social Media Compliance for Financial Advisors

For most of us, social media provides a more socially acceptable forum to air out our fleeting opinions and emotions. Read more

Commentary By James Lovejoy on September 28th 2015

Marketing: 6 Key Social ROI Questions Answered by Top Industry Influencers

As a marketer, ROI (return on investment), defines the success of a campaign, and informs decision-making and budget creation all the way throughout the enterprise up to the C-suite. Read more

Influencer Outreach Strategy: The 9 Steps to Success

Influencer marketing involves identifying key individuals who can deliver important content to your target audience. Read more

Guide By Kit Smith on September 24th 2015

New: Save Time and Collaborate with Ease with Time Zone Support

One of our big themes here at Brandwatch is ‘going global’ – making social insights accessible across the globe and making collaboration across regions easier and faster for our users. Read more

Product By Jasmine Jaume on September 23rd 2015

Social Media ROI: Lessons from eBay, McKinsey and Unilever

A cliche of modern discussion in social marketing is to focus upon ROI and how elusive it can be. We’ve been exploring the topic ourselves plenty recently. Read more

Commentary By Joel Windels on September 22nd 2015

Marketing: Dark Matter, Social Media, and the Number 96

If you’ve ever read anything from the field of physics, you’ll most likely be aware of the topic of dark energy, or dark matter. Read more

Marketing By Joel Windels on September 21st 2015

AmazonFresh: Appealing to a New Market of Unhappy Shoppers

Technology has shortened the feedback loops in almost every industry. Read more

Brands By Marcus Beard on September 18th 2015

React: The Republican Presidential Debate Set Social Alight

Last night saw a three hour political face-off, as the race for the Republican presidential nomination heated up at the CNN debate hosted in California. Read more

Politics By Kellan Terry on September 17th 2015

Events: PR, Honesty, and Disrupting Digital Business at Inbound ’15

The marketing technology masses enthusiastically descended upon Boston immediately following Labor Day for a meeting of the minds: Hubspot’s INBOUND. Read more

Community By Dinah Alobeid on September 17th 2015

News: Bonjour! Brandwatch has Launched in the French Market

As an already established international company and backed by excellent existing relationships with major French brands and agencies, we wanted to wait for the right time before committing to this unique market. Read more

Interview: The Role Social Media Intelligence Plays in Business

“Tell me what your goals are. Then I can tell you how social will support that.” On Tuesday, we had the chance to sit down with Tracy Bell, Enterprise Media Monitoring Executive at Bank of America, to discuss the role … Read more

Interview By James Lovejoy on September 16th 2015

React: Which Netflix Show Gets Binge-watched the Most?

Schedules don’t work anymore. Over the past three years, a suite of apps and web services has allowed us (as eternal consumers) to consume on our own terms, in our own time. Read more

Entertainment By Marcus Beard on September 15th 2015

The Social Indices: Where do You Stand in the Social Rankings?

When legendary Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt crossed the finish line at Icahn Stadium in New York, nobody could deny his win. He ran 100 meters in 9.72 seconds, outpacing Asafa Powell for the world record. Bolt now ranked first. Read more

Marketing By James Lovejoy on September 14th 2015