Mar 12 2015 |

Marketing: Understanding Brand Perception Using Social Listening

Do you know what I really love? Haribo.

I love Haribo sweets so much. If my house was burning down, I’d grab my cat, my jewellery and my Haribo stash.

I love the sour ones. I love the sweet ones. I love all the weird different ones you get when you go to Germany (shout out to my marketing colleagues in Berlin!). (more…)

Mar 11 2015 |

Marketing: Why Do Twitter Followers Disappear? We Uncover It

Are your Twitter followers disappearing? It can be disheartening to see your hard-won mountain of followers slowly decline.

Insecurity creeps into your mind as you start to wonder what you’ve done wrong. Was it something I said? Have I not been engaging enough?

Although sometimes your poor grammar or over-hashtagging will frustrate followers to the point of making a split, often the real reason isn’t so heartbreaking.


Mar 10 2015 |

Marketing: 7 Steps for Measuring Social Media

How do you know if your social media marketing efforts are effective? Which posts drive the most traffic? What social media metrics should you be monitoring? How do you interpret the numbers once you have them?

If you’re on social media for your business, you already know you should be measuring it.

But don’t measure social media just for the sake of having some numbers to report on. Instead, measure social media marketing efforts so that you can learn what works and what doesn’t.


Mar 10 2015 |

Inside Brandwatch: The Challenges of Working Across Four Timezones

As the sun sets on the Brandwatch Berlin and Stuttgart offices, the sun is rising over the San Francisco office.

As one member of a team leaves for the day, another member is finishing the last meetings of the day in Brighton, another is enjoying some lunch in NYC and another is checking their first emails of the day. We’re spread over four different timezones.

And so, a challenge is born. (more…)

Mar 9 2015 |

Insights: Which Football Sponsors are Getting the Best ROI?

Over the last six months (August – February) I’ve used Brandwatch Analytics to research the value of football sponsors in the Premier League.

I searched for both shirt sponsors and kit manufacturers, and tried to find how many times they were mentioned alongside the clubs they sponsored. What the data uncovered was quite surprising.  (more…)

Mar 9 2015 |

Research: Looking into the Journey of Email Marketing

With the rise of the use of social media marketing, you’d be forgiven for thinking that email marketing is on the verge of death.

But you’d be wrong. (more…)

Mar 6 2015 |

Research: Social Media Intelligence for the Life Sciences Sector

Through social media, today’s consumers are empowered by an unprecedented ability to question, complain or praise brands in a very public way.

That newfound capability has forced businesses’ customer service teams, vying to become leaders or maintain competency, to develop dedicated social media customer service teams and technologies. (more…)

Mar 6 2015 |

Top Tips for Conducting Competitor Research with Social Media Analysis

Things can be difficult to comprehend without context. This statement is particularly true when looking at data relating to your brand – without an in-depth understanding of the industry and competitors, it will be hard to determine where you place and what you need to do to succeed.


Mar 5 2015 |

Study: Everything You Didn’t Know About Premier League Social Data

The relationship between football and social media is becoming more relevant every day. Recently Real Madrid’s and Barcelona’s Twitter and Facebook social accounts grew to over 192 million followers – more than triple Spain’s current population.

Saying that, football teams have been relatively late to the social party.

Just three years ago, many big football clubs weren’t even on Twitter or Facebook – Manchester United, for example, only joined Twitter in July 2013 (they now have 4.25 million followers – the same amount as their sponsors, Nike).


Mar 4 2015 |

Research: Noting the Rising Role of Social Analytics in Healthcare

Among the 50 largest drug makers in the world, more than half still aren’t actively using social media to engage healthcare consumers or patients. Most of them primarily use social media as a broadcasting channel, and no more than 10 are on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Even with drug makers’ recent increases in digital spending, the pharmaceutical industry is repeatedly said to be a laggard in adoption of social media.

Drugmakers’ common excuse for remaining social media wallflowers is largely due to the regulatory uncertainty and the doubts on how to measure social ROI.