Nov 17th |

The Dark Side Of Wearable Tech: Should You Be Worried?

It’s no secret that technological innovation is explosive.

The exponential development and refinement of first desktops and laptops and notebooks, then tablets and smart phones, has now finally evolved into a next generation gadget—wearable technology. Today, this revolutionary concept is a fast-growing trend that is reinventing the meaning of internet-based connectivity.


Nov 14th |
pinterest analytics tools

The Definitive Guide to the Top 9 Pinterest Analytics Tools

Many still hold the opinion that Pinterest only attracts a limited audience. Rest assured its demographic has grown substantially in the past few years. With 70+ million users – mostly young and affluent women voting for their favorite products and brands – Pinterest is a marketer’s dream come true! (more…)

Nov 14th |

Inside Brandwatch: From Radio to Recruitment

As part of our ongoing series we’re having a friendly chat with a few of the very interesting individuals we have here at Brandwatch.

We do lots of awesome stuff for Brandwatch and we like to talk about it – but we hardly ever mention the things we get up to outside of the office. (more…)

Nov 13th |

Proving the Value of Your Social Media Efforts is Easier Than You Think

Having been a marketer for nearly ten years across a variety of different industries, I’ve found there is one common sticking point for anyone who works on the social media and communities areas. Proving the ROI of efforts on social. (more…)

Nov 12th |

MoneyGram: Leading the Way with a Social Media Command Center

MoneyGram International has been meeting customers’ financial needs since 1940.

Today MoneyGram is the second-largest money transfer company in the world with $1.5 billion in annual revenues, and now offers services at more than 347,000 agent locations in more than 200 countries.


Nov 12th |

5 Key Things About Google+ You Should Know

With over 300 million in-stream active users, Google+ can be a powerful tool for boosting your online presence.

It can help improve SEO ranking, finding and building relationships with influencers and it can strengthen your industry authority.  (more…)

Nov 11th |
Brandwatch Vizia Command Center

7 Key Applications for a Social Media Command Center

Businesses are becoming better listeners. Whereas communication was once a one-way path from brands to consumers, there is now a two-way conversation.

Yet while many businesses have grown adept at social listening, the truth is that the online monitoring space is still relatively nascent. The way brands collect, separate, analyze and visualize social data is constantly evolving to serve a wider range of business operations.


Nov 11th |
Web Summit

Delving Into The Stats Behind Dublin’s Web Summit

Last week a few of our team attended Dublin’s Web Summit – a SXSW-esque conference with multiple stages and venues, a top line up of speakers and more startups than you’re likely to ever see in one place again.  (more…)

Nov 10th |

John Lewis, Monty the Penguin and the Power of Putting Digital First

With no Thanksgiving for us Brits to look forward to, November is traditionally the time on this side of the pond when Christmas starts. And boy, has it started.

If you’re in the UK and haven’t been living in a cave for the past few days, you’ll have seen – or at least heard of – the new John Lewis Christmas advertising campaign.


Nov 10th |

Is Using Social Media for Work Killing Your Phone Battery?

Many of us now use our smartphone for pretty much everything. We check our emails, update social media, watch videos, listen to music and oh yes, occasionally we make a call.

However, having all of this technology at our fingertips, and particularly social media, has one downside – namely the speed at which our batteries drain.