React: Ten Things That Tweeters Claim They Can’t Live Without

While lots of people shy away from sharing too much of their personal life on Twitter, many use it to project their innermost fears, hopes and desires. Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on March 24th 2016

Beyond: Your New Go-To for Original Thought About Social Data

Last year we tried something new. You might have noticed React, our effort to use social data to show what’s going on in the world. Read more

Commentary By Joel Windels on March 24th 2016

Social Media Metrics: How You Should be Measuring Success

The value of social media metrics has been debated virtually since social analytics was taking its first steps. Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on March 23rd 2016

React: Hundreds of Tweeters Claim to be “Unique” in Their Twitter Bios

In our postmodern world of endless choice you can identify yourself as just about anything. Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on March 23rd 2016

Guide: How to Upgrade Your SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

SEO is one of those oft-misunderstood marketing activities. Content marketing’s less sexy friend, reliant on algorithms and ever-shifting keyword research. Read more

Guide By Natalie Meehan on March 23rd 2016

React: Social Media’s Reaction to #AppleEvent in Five Charts

Apple events never fail to get people talking. Read more

Brands By Gemma Joyce on March 22nd 2016

Industry Opinion: As Twitter Turns 10, Here’s How I’d Monetize It

Monetization issues refuse to leave Twitter alone. Read more

Opinion By Chris Owen on March 22nd 2016

Interview: Measuring ROI at a Multi-billion Dollar Telecoms Company

Telecoms is big business. One North American vendor, wanting to remain anonymous for this interview series, boasts tens of millions of customers, and is the largest provider of 4G services in its market. Read more

Interview By Joel Windels on March 21st 2016

React: Pi to St Patrick’s Day: This Week’s Social Round-up

It’s Friday at last which can only mean one thing – it’s social round-up time! Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on March 18th 2016

React: Nike Causes Storm Targeting Long-form Ads at Millennials

Nike’s new leap of faith into long-form marketing with the campaign “Margot vs. Lily” is making waves on social, but is it for the right reasons? Read more

Brands By Cara Sherratt on March 17th 2016

Report: Agriculture and Food Production Brands on Social Media

We are now far enough into the social media revolution that it would be easy to assume the majority of brands have a social media presence. Read more

Research By Kit Smith on March 16th 2016

React: “My Date Ate My Earring” and Other Tinder Tales From Twitter

You’ve probably read article upon article compiling screenshots of nightmarish Tinder messages, but we rarely get to hear about the dates themselves. Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on March 15th 2016

Power and Simplicity: Introducing the New Query Wizard

We’ve just made Queries easier than they’ve ever been. Read more

Product By Jasmine Jaume on March 15th 2016

Interview: Using Social Analytics to Promote Diversity in the Workplace

CA Technologies is one of the largest independent software corporations in the world. CA software is at the heart of many businesses from apparel to energy. Read more

Interview By Hannah Tregear on March 14th 2016