Introducing the Dashboard Wizard: Making Social Analytics 10 Times Faster

The Dashboard Wizard is a brand new interface that makes setting up reports in Analytics up to 10 times faster, opening up the best that Brandwatch has to offer to more users than ever. As anyone who works with big data will tell you: it’s not the amount of data you have, but the ability […] Read more

Product By Nick Taylor on February 7th 2017

The 51st Annual Super Bowl on Social Media in 3 Charts

Super Bowl 51 is over, and the mentions have been counted. While the Patriots got the trophy, we have discovered the real winners of the Super Bowl. Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on February 6th 2017

Opinion: B2B Marketers, Don’t Be Desperate When it Comes to Social Media

With organic reach in decline, marketers can sometimes be grasping for ways to increase engagement through social media. A test by Marketing Land showed that including emoji in tweets increased engagement by 25.4%. BuzzSumo, meanwhile, has recommended that brands should post to Facebook during “off-peak” times when there is less competition for newsfeed space. A […] Read more

Marketing By Peter Morgan on February 6th 2017

A Fortnight with the 45th: Social Media Reacts to President Trump

Donald Trump has been the 45th president of the United States for just over two weeks. For our staff, it feels like much, much longer.  We haven’t stopped covering Trump since he first announced his candidacy. Now, after an eventful two weeks worth of news, it’s clear our analysts aren’t getting a break anytime soon. We […] Read more

Politics By Alex Jones on February 6th 2017

Five Reasons Why You Need to Be at Now You Know Denver

This May, hundreds of Brandwatch users, partners and friends will ascend to the Mile High City of Denver for the second annual Now You Know™ Conference. I’m here to make sure you’re one of them.   You may be thinking, “not another tech conference”, and you might be right – our industry is inundated with […] Read more

Amy Collins on Data: An Inside Look at What’s Coming in 2017

My role at Brandwatch is Vice President of Data – I’m responsible for owning all things data from a product and strategy perspective. I help drive our data investment decisions and partnerships along with facilitating many of our ideas on our upcoming data projects. During 2016, I spent a lot of time communicating inwardly about […] Read more

Product By Amy Collins on February 3rd 2017

Leila Johnston: On Exploring Fictional Data in the Real World

I’ve been listening to The Archers for three minutes, and there’s already been a Chekhov’s Cow. It’s a show of hidden depths, that’s for sure, but I’m only now appreciating the important work the UK’s favourite agri-soap does, harvesting and bundling the ideas of the moment into manageable bales. In these uncertain times, two things remain […] Read more

Opinion By Leila Johnston on February 2nd 2017

Case Study: How Bimbo Turned a Crisis into a Business Opportunity

Who doesn’t love cake? We L-O-V-E cake at Brandwatch. Bimbo is a leader in the baking industry and well known for its leading brands, innovative products, freshness and quality. Partnering with Bimbo is a relationship we cherish and value immensely. Most are probably familiar with Bimbo’s global brands such as the New York Bagel Company, […] Read more

Case Study By Hannah Tregear on February 2nd 2017

Report: Three Data-driven Directions Shaping Consumer Electronics

You’d think we think we’d run out of things to talk about when it comes to consumer insights. But alas, with millions of people discussing, sharing, and posting information online every day, there will always be insights we have yet to share with you. For example, last week we released our most recent industry insights, […] Read more

Consumer Insights By Alex Jones on February 1st 2017

Brandwatch Tips: Using Social Listening to Track Your Coverage

In the PR team, we rely on our Brandwatch platform to find brand mentions and track coverage in the press as well as blogs, forums and social networks, on a daily basis. Evaluating our brand’s performance in the media is a key Brandwatch use case that makes our lives easier every day. The platform crawls […] Read more

Product By Ruxandra Mindruta on January 31st 2017

Emoji Data Reveals How Men and Women Illustrate Their Tweets

Emoji is the fastest growing language in the world, but the way we use emojis is deeply personal. Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on January 31st 2017

Five Cool Things You Can Do With Unlimited Historical Data

Brandwatch just launched Unlimited Historical Data, a tool that lets you collect three years of historical social data in just minutes. Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on January 27th 2017

Netflix Originals 2017: Data Reveals The Most Hyped Up Returning Shows

Netflix is pumping out Originals shows faster than Donald Trump can top up his tan, but is this relentless production efforts paying off? Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on January 26th 2017

New: Intelligent Campaign Measurement with Historical Data

Most of you will know that in one minute a lot happens. 38,000 posts are sent to Instagram, 347,000 new tweets are published, 527,000 Snapchats are shared and 700,000 people log in to Facebook. What most people don’t know is that the data published publicly via social networks represents the largest pool of accessible data […] Read more