Aug 3 2015 |

Marketing: 10 of the Top Social Media Management Tools

Regardless of their organization’s size, social media management has become one of the core focuses for marketers and community managers.

Having an active presence on most popular social platforms is as important as learning how to manage them effectively and make the most of their features and benefits.

Managing various different networks at the same time can be challenging and that’s where social media management tools come in handy. Such platforms let you keep an eye on and promptly reply to messages on social, monitor all your social accounts in one place, schedule posts in advance and analyze your online activity. (more…)

Jul 31 2015 |

Analysis: The Pixar vs. DreamWorks Social Presence Showdown

The social presence showdown: the definitive series on which brand the online world prefers.

As of now, we’ve explored the endless soda wars between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, as well as the race between Mercedes and BMW. In this month’s edition, we’ll examine two of the biggest names in animation: Pixar and DreamWorks. (more…)