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Published January 6th 2016

React: Twitter’s Proposed 10k Character Limit Divides Internet

The internet reacts to the proposition that the character limit on tweets could be extended to 10,000.

The suggestion that Twitter could be increasing its character limit to 10,000 has divided opinion on the web.

The character limit, which has been 140 since the Twitter was founded, limits tweeters to submitting bite-size contributions, but the announcement of a potential change has proven controversial.

#Twitter10k sees thousands discuss potential changes

As America woke up to the news, the hashtag #Twitter10k saw 11,000 mentions in a single hour as users rushed to make their opinion heard.

It has since accumulated nearly 200,000 mentions on Twitter.

Twitter 10k

Twitter is divided

An analysis of sentiment-categorized tweets suggests that opinion is divided with 53% tweeting negatively about the potential change.

Twitter10k Jan 7am reaction2

An early poll conducted by Brandwatch via Twitter suggested the change could go down badly with users.

The fire is fuelled

With Twitter user growth stalling CEO Jack Dorsey, who was involved in the original creation of Twitter, rejoined the company last year and is taking bold steps to grow Twitter’s appeal.

While no official announcement has been made regarding character limit changes, a tweet from Dorsey, which implies that ambitious developments could be made to improve Twitter’s utility and power in the future, has fuelled the 10k fire.

The message appears as a fairly ugly screenshot of a block of text, serving as a convenient example of how changes could improve the site’s functionality and visual appeal.

However, some users have bitten back by arguing that Twitter is heading in the same direction as another large social network.

What do you think of #Twitter10k?

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