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Published October 31st 2017

New Report: 25 Things We Learned Analyzing Billions of Tweets

Brandwatch has access to billions of Tweets, so we teamed up with our partners at Twitter to show off some of the questions Twitter data can answer.

6,000 tweets are posted every second. That’s 6,000 views, opinions, ideas, complaints, stories and compliments.

Brandwatch has been tracking Twitter data for over eight years and we have access to billions of tweets as a result.

We thought we’d team up with our partners at Twitter to reflect on some of the awesome insights we’ve uncovered using Twitter data.

25 questions answered using Twitter data

In our brand new report, we answer 25 questions across a whole host of areas.

Whether you’ve ever wondered which character from Stranger Things is most hyped ahead of the new season, what alcoholic beverage is discussed more in which state, or which industries are most likely to respond quickly on Twitter, you’re in the right place.

A map of the US showing each states favored alcoholic beverage.

With data on the food, entertainment, auto, financial and tech industries (and more), it’ll give you an idea of the breadth of insights available to uncover with Twitter data and the flexibility of the Brandwatch platform.

Twitter is the largest ever market research exercise that no one ever commissioned. You need to be mindful of the profile of Twitter users and avoid bias and bubbles, but there’s no doubt that it’s a window on the psyche of public opinion.

Stephen Waddington, Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum

What our friends think of the report

This special report demonstrates the power of Twitter data coupled with the sophistication of the Brandwatch social listening platform. The breadth of analysis and resulting insights shows just how adaptable Twitter is as a measure of public opinion on any subject in real time.

Elliott Gluck, Product Marketing, Twitter Data

Twitter can be overlooked by businesses today but it remains an unprecedented source of real-time insights as this Brandwatch research shows… Social media analytics needs to be at the core of every serious marketing effort.

Mark Schaefer, author of The Tao of Twitter

Get your question answered

If you’re intrigued by the questions and think your question could be answered with our data, feel free to hit the “Ask us a question” buttons. Enjoy!

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25 Things We Learned Analyzing Billions of Tweets

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