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Published April 8th 2019

What is Hootsuite?

There are plenty of social media management platforms on the market, but what is Hootsuite and what can it do for social teams?

Social media managers don’t have it easy.

There’s so much to do – scheduling posts, dealing with customer queries, crisis monitoring, finding prospects, reporting on various metrics, and more.

There are a lot of social media management tools that cover these use cases on the market, but in this blog post we’ll be focussing on Hootsuite.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that covers almost every aspect of a social media manager’s role.

With just one platform users are able to do the simple stuff like curate cool content and schedule posts all the way up to managing team members and measuring ROI.

There are several different plans to choose from, from a single user plan up to a customized enterprise account that’s suitable for much larger organizations.

We’ll take you through some of the use cases below.

Social media scheduling

Let’s start with the basics.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the timing of social posts is important. If you’re tweeting when your audience is offline, the chances of them seeing your post is pretty low. Meanwhile, if you tweet ten things at once you’re probably going to clog peoples’ news feeds and you’ll promptly lose followers.

The best way to go about timing your posts appropriately is to use a solution that helps find the best times for you.

With Hootsuite, it’s a simple process. You simply click ‘New post’, select which accounts you’d like to post from, add the text and any appropriate media, then hit “Schedule for later.”

The post will then be added to your stream of scheduled posts, which you can view alongside other ‘streams’ of things, like your owned tweets, @mentions, and new followers.

Social media monitoring

Streams of new mentions, followers, and likes can help you keep up to date with what interactions with your social media accounts, so they make monitoring multiple accounts and different kinds of interactions easy for community managers.

These streams allow for all mentions, across multiple platforms, appear in one place. Streams are unlimited and customizable, so you can keep track of what’s important.

Here’s an example of some streams we have set up, showing our latest tweets, our latest LinkedIn company updates and our latest Facebook mentions side-by-side.

Social media analytics

Hootsuite offers a number of inbuilt analytics functionalities.

You’ll quickly be able to look at performance over time and compare different time periods for each of the social media accounts you’ve got plugged into the platform.

For example, here’s a peek at @Brandwatch performance in January. We increased our number of owned tweets, got 126 new followers and boosted Twitter engagement compared to December.

Joint Hootsuite and Brandwatch customers are able to go even further than this by plugging Brandwatch data into Hootsuite and viewing different dashboards.

Again, this helps social media managers monitor things all in one place.

Here’s an example of a query we have running in Brandwatch that tracks how many times our blog is linked to on public social media channel like Twitter. We were quickly able to view the data in a summary dashboard within Hootsuite.

Team collaboration

Hootsuite offers an inbox view of private messages directed at multiple social media accounts across different platforms, which means that they all appear in one place.

Social media managers can assign team members to each message to make sure no query goes un-replied.

This is a particularly cool feature for larger teams who receive a high volume of queries from customers and prospects each day.

Customer service

Customer service follows neatly on from team collaboration.

Using a mix of streams and the inbox feature, social teams are able to view and respond to customer complaints and praise as they happen, without things getting lost.

As consumers continue to expect a quick response when they reach out to a brand with a problem on social, this is something that’s particularly important to master.

Negative customer service experiences can be terrible for customer loyalty which is hard enough to garner in itself.

Apps and extensions

There are lots of ways you can add to what Hootsuite has to offer as standard. Here are a couple:


The Marketo integration provides marketers with a bridge between their social media interactions and their Marketo lead database, allowing users to create leads in Marketo from relevant Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram activity.


Hootlet is a free add-on for Chrome users that allows Hootsuite customers to immediately share cool things they come across online from multiple social media accounts. This will also work with scheduling, so you could come across a cool article and share it for a few hours later without even being in the Hootsuite platform.

Here’s how it works:


The MailChimp app allows you to share and track your email campaigns from within Hootsuite. You’ll be able to view campaign stats, including open rate, click rate and more, as well as subscriber stats, including new and lost subscribers.


The Brandwatch app in Hootsuite allows you to view data that’s coming from queries set up in Brandwatch within Hootsuite. It saves the hassle of logging in and out of platforms and means that those who aren’t trained social analysts can keep an eye on what’s important to them.

You’re also able to engage with the mentions your Brandwatch query is bringing in. For example, here we click on the peak in mentions and we’re able to view each one and decide whether we’d like to ignore, comment or share.

Learn more about Brandwatch and Hootsuite’s joint solution here.

Adobe Stock for Hootsuite

This allows you to use assets you have licensed in Adobe Stock directly in Hootsuite, as well as search for and license assets from within the publisher.

App Directory

Here are a whole bunch of apps you can connect with Hootsuite.


A favorite of the Brandwatch social team is Amplify, by Hootsuite, which is amazing for employee advocacy.

It allows social managers to point employees towards new posts and content to share, boosting the reach of branded content.

It’s easy to measure and incentivize. You can find out more about it here.

Just a snapshot

We’ve provided you with a snapshot of the uses of Hootsuite here, but there are plenty of ways you can use it.

Visit Hootsuite here to give it a try and find out more about Brandwatch’s partnership with Hootsuite here.

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