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Phillip is Product Marketing Manager here at Brandwatch, informing clients and others about our latest platform updates.


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Phillip Agnew


Phillip is Product Marketing Manager here at Brandwatch, informing clients and others about our latest platform updates.


The Top 8 Image Recognition Tools

Brands need image detection to work out where their customers, prospects, critics, and fans see them. Without these images, a brand is simply blind to the torrent of threats and opportunities directed at them each day. Once you have these images you can undertake analysis, better understand your brand, know your customers and improve your marketing strategy. […] Read more

Marketing By Phillip Agnew on June 15th 2017

Brandwatch News: Up To 10x More European Data

It’s been an exciting month for Brandwatch customers. They have got their hands on enhanced APAC data, the most complete access to Twitter data and a huge increase in Instagram data,. If that wasn’t enough, many joined us for two days in Denver for our third Now You Know conference. Quite a lot for one month. […] Read more

How To Make People Say Yes

How often do you say yes? For me, it’s far too often. I’m a patsy, easily swayed by a good deal, known by my co-workers, as a lover of cheap Sushi on offer at the local pharmacy (it really isn’t as bad as it sounds). But what makes me say yes? Because even I turn […] Read more

Marketing By Phillip Agnew on April 19th 2017

AsiaPac Social Data: Why Covering the USA and Europe Just Isn’t Enough

The world’s largest internet population isn’t in the United States. The world’s fastest growing social networks aren’t based in Europe. Yet, most social listening vendors who claim to provide global coverage collect most of their mentions from western sites. In fact, we were guilty of doing just that. For years, Brandwatch and others focused social […] Read more

Marketing By Phillip Agnew on April 12th 2017

Brandwatch, Now With Improved AsiaPac Coverage

The largest internet population. The second largest consumer market. Asia Pacific is a vital source of social data that global brands can’t live without. Over the last six months, we’ve made extensive improvements to our AsiaPac coverage. We’re happy to announce today that Brandwatch now offers new and improved AsiaPac coverage, as standard, to all […] Read more

Announcement By Phillip Agnew on April 5th 2017

Brandwatch, Now Faster Than Ever

When asked what his dream product would do, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak answered: “give me more time”. He didn’t want to live forever. Instead, he wanted to decrease the amount of time he spent doing non-critical tasks. You’re probably thinking ‘he’s a billionaire, of course, he wants time, it’s the only thing his money can’t […] Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on March 15th 2017

Can You Solve Tomorrow’s Problems With Historical Data?

For the first time, collecting a full history of (online) consumers’ conversations is now possible. As any marketer reading this will know, this data can provide huge value and ultimately help businesses make smarter decisions. That’s why we built Unlimited Historical Data. The feature provides instant historical insight on any topic from across the web over […] Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on February 17th 2017

A Story of Tesla and Historical Data: Elevate Your Competitor Intelligence

In the last 15 years, 52% of the Fortune 500 have disappeared. The age of the consumer, democratization of information and speed of communication has allowed startups to move fast, disrupt markets and bring down colossal brands that ruled entire industries. Simply put, competition is harsher than ever. Having a clear awareness of your competitor’s […] Read more

Research By Phillip Agnew on February 14th 2017

Using Historical Data: Create Disruptive Products

For the modern company, fast product development is required to meet consumer needs and keep up with agile competitors. However, uncovering the product features customers desperately want can be a slow and painstaking process. Let’s say you work for a male grooming company. You’re desperate to find the next big thing so you contract a market […] Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on February 9th 2017

New: Intelligent Campaign Measurement with Historical Data

Most of you will know that in one minute a lot happens. 38,000 posts are sent to Instagram, 347,000 new tweets are published, 527,000 Snapchats are shared and 700,000 people log in to Facebook. What most people don’t know is that the data published publicly via social networks represents the largest pool of accessible data […] Read more