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Published October 3rd 2017

Take Control of your Social Advertising: Brandwatch Audiences is now Integrated with Twitter Ads

Build custom audiences in Brandwatch Audiences and transfer them to Twitter Ads with a single click. Create incredible campaigns today.

Brandwatch Audiences lets you instantly search a live database of over 320m Twitter users. Now you can upload any list to Twitter Ads as a tailored audience at the click of a button to deliver highly-targeted paid campaigns to the right people.

Sign up for our webinar with Twitter on October 19th to learn more about running high ROI Twitter Ad campaigns.

All too often, as digital marketers, we have to rely on trust. We put a huge amount of effort into making the best content for promoted campaigns, but we can’t tell if we’re getting it in front of the audience that it’s designed for, and how effective our targeting is, until after we’ve got the results.

The beauty of Twitter’s open and structured data is that we can be more precise about exactly who we want to target. Brandwatch Audiences is the most powerful way to extract meaningful target lists from Twitter and see and understand who you’re going to reach before you spend a cent.

Fine-tuned targeting

If you have a very specific target audience you can use Brandwatch Audiences’ flexible search tool to pinpoint them easily. What’s more, you can see all the people that match your search so you know who’s going to be seeing your promoted content.

You can search by keywords in bios and recent tweets, interests, professions, location, gender and account type, and the followers of any account. Combine as many of these as you like to zero in on the people you’re looking for.

Want to reach a digital marketing audience? Get even more specific by building a list based on specific job titles.

Is your content specific to an industry? Refine further by adding more keywords or even a list of employees at target companies who put their workplace in their bio.

If you have a slightly broader audience that won’t self-define in their bio you can search by followers of any account and look at what they talk about to narrow your search down. For example, identify commuters in London who follow or tweet at one of the TfL official accounts.

With the knowledge that you are going to get your content in front of highly relevant people you can raise your bidding, confident that each click or impression you receive will be a valuable one.

Harness the power of influence

Audiences is a great tool for discovering influencers that can amplify your brand voice. With advertising, if your aim is to generate awareness around a campaign, you can make the most of your budget by getting in front of high-impact people with a big (and free) secondary reach.

Target a PR-focussed campaign at journalists and bloggers who are likely to have an interest in your event. Following up a press release with a well-targeted ad can remind those who read about you earlier. And it can also give these influencers the impression that your campaign is even bigger than it actually is without the need to spend a lot of money.

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes and you can just as easily use Audiences to promote user-generated campaigns at a larger number of creative micro-influencers. Audiences’ Influence Score is excellent at identifying these people as it is based not only on follower numbers but on the ability to generate engagement with other influential Twitter users.

Get more personal

The key to a successful ad is making sure the content resonates with the people you’re sending it to. By segmenting your target audience, you can deliver a nuanced message to each group which speaks to something they personally recognize.

Imagine a cable company whose target audience is, well, anyone who watches TV. A catch-all message encouraging people to switch is going to be hard to make stand out.

With Audiences they can easily segment their target and send each one a tailored message telling competitors’ customers about the benefits of switching.

Giving sports fans a personalized reason to subscribe to their service.

Or offering students a special deal on one of their services. Or any other segment you could define using the Audiences search.

With the precision Audiences brings to building target lists. You can be more confident you’re delivering the best promoted content to the right people.

Brandwatch was selected as one of a small handful of companies earlier this year to have a more strategic partnership with Twitter as part of the Official Partner program. With complete access to Twitter data streams Brandwatch is now working closely with Twitter to provide market-leading technology solutions to marketers, advertisers, and brands.

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