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Published August 16th 2016

Ideas from the Experts: Social Consumer Market Insights

VIPs at some of the world's biggest companies share behind-the-scenes learnings on the state of social CMI, for this free downloadable paper

It’s not lost on us here in the marketing team at Brandwatch that we have unfettered access to all the varied and interesting ways our clients use Brandwatch.

Whether it be in our client stories Slack channel, in meetings, or just while we’re making coffee in the kitchen, we’re always sharing the interesting nuggets we hear.

This of course helps us understand how the wider world uses social data, and even helps inform product development.

Earlier this year we took to the road and based camp in Chicago for a few days for our first user conference. This two day event, Now You Know, saw our clients and friends from some of the world’s biggest companies (Toyota, 3M, and Bank of America to name just three) share their stories.

This conference also spawned other conversations and meetings of like-minded VIPs.

As part of the event, we hosted a roundtable; an open and frank discussion to understand how brands are using social data to glean valuable consumer insights.

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Collecting the raw voice of the customer

The roundtable event included leaders from some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies, and involved an in-depth exploration around the subject of social consumer marketing insights.

Social media has augmented the market research landscape – it’s far easier and cheaper to find the voice of the customer online than conducting focus groups or executing traditional surveys, and online analysis tools are now pretty much as broad – or as narrow – as researchers require.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 09.48.49

We collated the responses for a paper to share learnings from the discussion and educate other brands and agencies on the state of social CMI.

The discussion touched on the impact of social consumer insights on digital, content and influencer marketing and how brands and agencies are tackling issues in these areas.

The guests of our roundtable will remain anonymous, but we describe the responsibilities and industries each participant represented, including a senior director of analytics at a consumer electronics company, an analyst of consumer insights at a global retail brand and a social media and market research strategist at a non-profit organization.

Bright idea

This expert group gave us insights into how they use social CMI, how they understand their customers, and gave us real-world examples of how social CMI has impacted business.

Today, you can read their words, verbatim.

Behind the scenes at global brands

The conversations, documented in the paper Ideas from the Expert: Social Consumer Market Insights, cover how these brands and agencies blend social data with traditional research, how they are reactive with social data, and even tell stories on how social data has helped define a value proposition for a client.

Our guests also covered how they use social CMI to assess brand health, and even predict brand health.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.00.56

Want to read how the experts are applying social listening to extract real, business impacting market insights? Download the paper for free.

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