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Published November 8th 2018

Some Things (Like Marketing Data) Are Better Together

All marketers want to be data-driven, but many of us still fall short. How can we make our different data sources work better together?

How did your marketing campaign contribute to your quarterly revenue numbers? Does the way your audience talks about your company on Facebook differ from how they use your website? Is your brand’s sentiment on TV programs better or worse than the sentiment on news websites?

It’s always an important task to map social media to the rest of your business, even if just as a gut check.

But, honestly, how difficult would it be for you to answer these questions? How often do you think about your different marketing data streams as telling the same story?

All marketers want to be data-driven, but many of us still fall short. And usually our challenges have a lot to do with how our different tools and data sources work together.

What does your marketing look like when you add social to your sales, website, or TV data? (Ok, that’s the last hypothetical question, I promise).

What a ‘social plus’ strategy means

Our bread, butter, and jam is in social and online data. But our industry and the marketers we work with are maturing.

The pressure to demonstrate real ROI, real consumer insights, and real strategy from social media is greater than ever. And our work as marketers requires us to see the whole picture.

In our new guide for marketers, we explore what adding important marketing data sources to social should look like.

To put together this guide, we teamed up with several marketing and data experts to get their thoughts, including our friend Gail Lyon, head of digital engagement at Co-op.

A ‘social plus’ approach to ‘winning Halloween’

Co-op is a UK co-operative business and retailer with over 7,000 locations and a vast range of services.

“Halloween is an important time for convenience grocers,” Gail says. “[Co-op is] the perfect destination for last-minute treats and as the days get shorter, customers are looking for a pick-me-up for their cosy nights in.”

Being such an important business-wide time, Co-op needed thousands of their employees from all across their business on the same page for their Halloween activities. That meant aligning on everything from their messaging, to staying on top of social media trends and website traffic, to seeing real-time sales and marketing results. With the right tools, they were able to bring it all together.

“We’re sharing real-time social media conversation topics and trends alongside the latest from our Halloween marketing campaign as well as site traffic and the percentage of the week’s sales attributable to our 4.5 million strong membership base. It’s powerful to have simple to understand insights about our work, displayed beautifully where we work.”

– Gail Lyon, head of digital engagement, Co-op

Having one source of truth was vital for the team to stay aligned. But, importantly, that meant pulling each data source from out of their silo to tell a 360 degree story that everyone in the company could benefit from.

This was just one of the several examples we explore in our Social Plus guide. To learn how companies like AOL, Ford, and Airbnb integrate their marketing data, check out the guide below.

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